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  • LongHairGal


    I’m curious that you have no respect for this man who got a job in a prison so he’d get a pension. Was it because he preached that nobody should look out for their future?

    Otherwise, I have respect for anybody who is in the reality that they HAVE to look out for themselves!..I am GLAD I did..I would not be retired if I had listened to the Witnesses and caved in to their criticism and silly labels!

  • Tobyjones262

    LHG, I should have explained more. I do not respect him or look back at him with any affection. He was a selfish individual who put his love of attention and position above his family. In this situation he knew and I know he knew that the society was out there and not right on a lot of things because he told me with the I never said that BS. He quietly looked out for his situation knowing that the cult was causing others and his own family to make decisions that would cause them to have nothing for their future. He did not care. When I was first married and we were having trouble," we married at 18 both of us" his idea of help was to sit us down and give us a couple of platitudes and scriptures and then did his hit his knuckles on the table like "nailed it. " and walked out. He would call me and my next youngest brother outlaws like the rest of our fathers family. My mother was his daughter. and he had hopes that the third brother would be the CO of the family. Our youngest brother he would call retarded and mental because he was with drawn and not very social. So no I don't respect him and he can rot in hell, that I don't believe in. LOL

  • LongHairGal


    Sorry, only you know best!

    It’s too bad so many Witnesses are hypocrites and will not admit that the religion is wrong - especially about the anti-college/career stand. I’m so glad I held onto my job until retirement. You and me have learned from everybody else’s mistakes and we know full well we have to plan for the future. To not do so is foolhardy and insane.

    It is also unrealistic and unsustainable to imagine that wise people in congregations are going to indefinitely help out those who did not plan. This is where brothers with businesses and connections come in: they can offer jobs..Any needy Witness who does not want to work and who imagines they can stay on the pioneer list getting handouts can starve. I’d never give them anything.

  • Tobyjones262

    LHG, I know of many who died having to work part time to go with their SS check. I never did really buy into this. I would save and work long hours. I worked for about 15 or so years with an elder who I grew up with. Every Tuesday and Thursday he would have his wife pick him up and leave me with homes torn apart to finish the flooring by myself so he could go to meeting. I have no use for a JW.

  • john.prestor

    I'm glad you mentioned that Spiral, you're picking up on something I also pick up on but can't describe exactly, the kind of tone or almost "feeling" you get from their videos, like you said the pacing comes across as juvenile, and I think the voices do too at times, some of them speak in a kind of patronizing tone of voice. The videos they make for adults often come across as awfully childish, like they make them for school kids.

    I don't get it either man, I mean, the Governing Body always claims to be so humble and discreet and then they live like that, I know Warwick ain't a palace but I mean, it looks like a pretty nice place to live. Maybe Jehovah's Witnesses just believe them and leave it at that, and just go on pretending or believing Armageddon will come tomorrow. What do you think?

  • Spiral

    @john.prestor, I really don't know what goes on in the brains of some JWs. Sometimes you can see that they understand they'll be poor because they have "pursued spiritual goals" to their detriment. It seems that they know Armageddon isn't happening BUT because they've invested so much into this religion, they continue down the path to their personal destruction. Some are like tobyjones' grandfather, secretly working and even learning new professions later in life to provide for themselves, but not being honest about it to other JWs. I might add, they don't share their money either, even with elderly JW relatives. Others I know just have their heads in the sand and say "the brothers know what's best, and we shouldn't question it".

    As for the tone of the videos (and the few WT articles I've been around in the last year or so) the tone is so juvenile and/or patronizing it makes you want to stick a fork in your eye. I can't believe adults sit and watch this stuff and aren't outright insulted. I am, for them, when I have to hear it. I go to the back of the house and close the door.

  • LongHairGal


    As for those JWs who do like TobyJones’ grandfather and get a job later in life, WHY on earth do they have to be ‘honest’ with other Witnesses about it??..Why is it everybody else’s business in the kingdom hall??..I always felt that MY business was nobody else’s..Maybe some of those secret workers read this forum ☺️and know that nobody is going to support them in their old age.

    As for them not ‘sharing’ their money:..why in the hell should they? I worked full time and was criticized for it and hardly invited. ..These lazy and jealous Witnesses were really something. They must imagine that you should go throwing money around like it was confetti. Anything less then you’re not a Christian. Oh yeah? I’m so glad I never listened to their garbage.

    A needy relative would have been one thing, but I would never have given anything to some Witness who never wanted to work. Unfortunately, the whole nature of the Jehovah’s Witness religion makes it necessary for these JWs to be secretive..As long as those ones are not getting up on the podium denouncing people who DO work.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I can recall a youtube video on the spoonfed no more youtube channel. She relates how she is sick of how the Borg hijacks people from their youth, uses them up and then spits them out and kicks them to the curb. She relates too that 'something has to be done'. The Borg takes your best years away from you then discards you and leaves you for the dogs. Deplorable.

  • john.prestor

    That fits with some of the Witnesses I ran into during my study, a guy who did everything in the congregation, and I mean everything, admitted to me behind closed doors that he worked part-time for most of his life but started working full-time recently, because, he implied, he got the sense he would need it come retirement (a sure sign he didn't see Armageddon as just around the corner). Most Witnesses I spoke to took the head in the sand attitude, they just went with what the Governing Body told them whether in talks or magazines, they didn't seem to question it much less even think of questioning it. I don't get that mentality either.

    I can't listen to that kind of stuff for very long either it's so... grating, I can't imagine letting someone talk to me like that long-term. The Baptist pastor I grew up with used to preach like that, he wasn't quite that bad but you could hear it in his voice from time to time, he talked down to us. A lot of high-ranking Brothers, those "taking the lead," seem to delight in talking down to the faithful.

  • smiddy3

    I also would like to see the video anyone ? before i make a comment .

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