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  • Tight Pants Twinkle Toes
    Tight Pants Twinkle Toes

    Hello community! Quick background - baptized 1971, 46 years in the borg, former elder. Wife - baptized 1973, pioneer.....

    We became disgusted with the oranization 10 years ago but still believed it was the truth. Wife and I woke up to the TTATT around February 2017.

    Another part of the story is we had a young sister working for us. We told her we were leaving the truth. We did not go into detail but assured her we would never do anything to compromise her faith. We told her to talk to her parents and if it was a problem for her we understood. It was never the same and she quit.

    A couple weeks later a car came wheeling up in the driveway. 2 elders (Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum) jumped out and demanded to see my wife.

    The young sister that worked for us had gone on my wife's Facebook page (she had deleted her old one and started a new one, the young sister found her new page) where she had liked an apostate site and printed it out and gave it to the elders. That is why they were visiting. I told them she did not want to talk to them and they could talk to me.

    Tweedle Dee asked me what I thought about that. I told him what she had on her Facebook page was her business. Tweedle Dum piped up and demanded to know what I thought of the GB. I told them I thought the GB was full of shit, that what they had taught from Russell, Rutherford, Franz was nothing but pure bull shit. They recoiled in horror, their eyes as big as saucers. (It was great!) I could see I had them on their heels so I really poured it on. I mentioned that everything they had written had now been erased. I told them about the ARC. They parroted Lett's words, that was apostate lies. I guess they did not get the point the first time. Tweedle Dum again asked me what I thought about the GB. I told them they were 7 old farts sitting in a room in NY spewing out horse shit that would be revised next week.

    About this time my wife came out and they tried to engage her about her Facebook. She cooly told them to move their car out of the driveway because she was going shopping and they had the driveway blocked.

    Tweedle Dee pulled out the Facebook page again and stuck it in her face. We asked who gave them the page and they refused to tell us, however we already knew.

    They got back in the car and left.

    That has been several months ago. Last night they called again and wanted to help us. We told them we did not want to have a visit, Tweedle Dum tried to trap me by asking me what I meant when I said I did not want to be part of the organization anymore. I told him no comment. He tried to box me in with another question, I again answered no comment and hung up.

    We are expecting our DF letter any day now. Thought you might like hearing that story.

  • wannabefree
  • Hairtrigger

    Way to go. That's exactly what I would have done. Probably physically caught tweedeldee and dum by the scuff of their necks and booted their asses out the door.

  • NoviceLocs14

    You're the real MVP!

  • nowwhat?


  • steve2

    Thanks for your very engaging account Tight Pants Twinkle Toes. What pricks!

    Just one query: You say, "We are expecting our DF letter any day now." Unless I have missed the announcement of a change in JW organization policy, do elders now inform individuals by letter that he/she has been disfellowshipped?

  • dubstepped

    Your username really says it all, lol. Welcome to the forum, and to freedom! Way to take control.

    In the end, they are the ones that taught us to stand up for truth. So they can't cry about it to much when we do so, though the weeping and gnashing of teeth will follow.

  • Tight Pants Twinkle Toes
    Tight Pants Twinkle Toes

    Hi Steve 2, if they feel they have sufficient evidence and I would say calling the Governing Body shit eaters is a cardinal sin in their minds. If you refuse to meet with them they can disfellowship you in abstensia and sometimes inform you by letter.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Great post tight pants. Good writing too. If you live near los Angeles I will buy a drink. Don't worry about my being a spy or a snitch. I could have gotten my "Evil Apostate" certification with flying colors a long time ago, but a minor technicality makes it impossible; I was never a JW.

  • steve2

    sometimes inform you by letter.

    Sorry if I appear like a dog with a bone, but I have never heard of decisions by judicial committee being put in writing to the disfellowshipped individual - ever.

    Indeed, I understand the JW-organization "Legal Department" advises bodies of elders to keep the public announcement in the Kingdom Hall very brief to stave off allegations of community slander and to not formalize it with a letter to the individual. The individual is either advised in person or via telephone call.

    Of course - as I said earlier - I could have missed that the policy has now been changed. So I would be very interested if people could corroborate that letters have indeed been sent by judicial committee's to disfellowshipped individuals. Better yet, I'd be interested in seeing a redacted letter (with names and addresses removed).

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