Had any weird dreams recently?

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  • Divergent

    It means that you've been exposed.

    Exposed as in outed as an "apostate"?

  • truthseeker100

    Here is another tale that needs to be told. Enjoy!


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    Exposed as in outed as an "apostate"?


  • Divergent

    There are 3 people so far who know how I really feel. One is a fellow "apostate", so no worries. Another is a family member, who I can count on. The 3rd person is someone I care about, who I am trying to wake up, but to no avail so far. If there is one person that would expose me, it would be her. I don't want to put myself at risk, but at the same time I can't keep quiet any longer. Only time would tell how things would turn out...

  • kaik

    I get from time to time weird dreams, but generally, I do not remember them after several days. I used to have terrible dreams after my biological father died many years back. Before he died, I spoke to him over the phone, he just checked in at the hospital. I knew he was terminally ill with cancer, but he was recently diagnosed, so I expected him to fight a for a while. The night he died, two days after I talked to him I had dream I was driving with him in the jeep through deep dark forest. We were chased by flying skeleton with a sickle, it was like skeleton of sabre tooth tiger with wings. My father in the dream was encouraging me to drive faster, faster, and faster, but the skeleton got closer. Moment the skeleton jumped on the car, my father next to me told me that he got him. I woke up shaking with sweats, and find out that he died that night. I still remember this dream 20+ years later.

    Other things I find strange, that I have dreams only on one grandmother and not the other, even I spent more time with her. I dreamt about being with her in the vineyards, picking walnuts or peaches, or all the fun stuff I spent on summer holidays in the countryside in old house that my GGGF build in the 19th century. It is rather strange, because as a city kid, the countryside life was a bit scaring me. Yet, I dream about it a lot as something that was nice.

  • Ucantnome

    With the lucid dreams I've had in recent years they weren't like other dreams I've had where I've concluded I'm dreaming.

    i once dreamt i could fly and thought i must be dreaming. It was good. I could control it I wanted to go back to this dream.

    The last two were much more real. As if now typing this something gives away this is not real. In one i was trying to adjust the computer screen and i couldn't and i realised it wasn't real. It should be responding differently and its not. I didn't feel in control and very real and because of the feeling of having no control i wasn't sure how i would exit. They were only dreams but i wouldn't want another.

  • stuffwotifink

    There are lucid dreams - and then there are dreams about being lucid in a dream. You are right though, when you hit "real lucidity" it's like noticing that you are in another world with no idea how you got there. It's so real that it took me off guard the first few times.

    If you realise that you are dreaming and want to wake up: the easiest thing to do is breathe in an irregular pattern.

    When you are dreaming, your breathing and eye movements are effected by what you do in the dream (eye movements is one of the ways that LaBerge verified that lucid dreaming isn't just bullshit, some people thought it impossible).
    If you start to take long, slow breaths and then short, rapid breaths, your body seems to think you have breathing trouble and awakens you. Takes about a minute or two, at most.

    I wouldn't though, lucid dreams are a blast. Try flying.

    The Marvster

    Pushing through glass is trippy (to me it feels like melting plastic, but cold). I've tried pushing through walls before, but I always wake up or the dream deconstructs and I have a FA.
    Your LD made me laugh, I've tried throwing myself at things to solidify the "dreamworld", works a treat. I like to stand in the traffic and play hulk, stopping cars with my bulk (I've been sent flying before though, when for some reason my dream decided that I could no longer stop cars... That'll wake you up with a start!)
    You've made me want to begin LD practice again.
    *Looks at hands then holds nose
  • Xanthippe
    I became lucid in a dream last night. I was walking across stepping stones on a river, they were getting narrower and it was becoming quite scary. Then I realised I was dreaming and thought oh great I don't need to worry and I just stepped onto the water. Great fun walking on water. By the way if dreams get nasty and I want to wake up I think of my bedroom, that usually works.
  • Ucantnome

    Thanks stuffwotifink yes these two seemed to be real lucidity.

    The last one I woke up in a strange bedroom. I know how I managed to have the this type of dream. I have a way of dealing with panic attacks, they only come at night, and because I couldn't get to sleep I was trying that,kind of. Next thing I'm awake somewhere else.

    I think that was the scary part I knew how I arrived which wasn't that pleasant but I didn't know how to do it in reverse.

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster


    Yeah that is the first time I experienced pushing the hand through the glass... no idea why I tried this when lucid. Re: flinging myself through glass windows, this is a habit after getting lucid in one nightmare and escaping the building in a panic by jumping through the window, hoping I would awaken, it worked. I think it's just a habit now that I do without thinking when lucidly aware.

    I think most people think themselves incapable of doing this stuff, total BS, anybody can, it's just finding a way I guess, and some people are inclinde to develop the ability more easily, who knows why? I wish they had a lucid dreaming pill, I would definitely pay... I think I have one of Steven Le Berge's books or some other well versed lucid dreamer...

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