Had any weird dreams recently?

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  • truthseeker100
    Angaharad you would be a very interesting person to meet.!!
  • Simon
    Simon says I am and sometimes looks kind of scared if I tell him about my dreams

    In old testament times I think Angharad would be considered a prophetess coming up with all kinds of bat-shit crazy looney tunes nonsense (so obviously inspired by god, right?)

    We no longer allow scary movies in our house because someone will wake up shouting in the middle of the night, point to the corner saying "it's there, THERE!!" then fall right back fast asleep leaving someone else to sit there, heart pounding wondering what the heck just happened and when they will ever go back to sleep for fear of being attacked by a nearby crazy person.

    No more cheese before bedtime for you dearie.

  • Xanthippe

    Angaharad you would be a very interesting person to meet.!!

    yeah but lose that saucepan lid first!

  • Saintbertholdt
    Had any weird dreams recently?

    Well not recently, but I had a dream so strange that I wrote it down. Here goes:

    Starlight reflects from the surface of the lagoon. Eerie dark blue shades form under the shadowy water. I take slow measured breaths from the regulator and adjust my diving mask. From the deep a huge body appears, a biological submarine. The ancient predator faces me head on and stops two feet to my front. Its perfect gray skin reflects the fractured light of the heavenly luminaries. All is calm.

    I speak yet my lips do not form the words (but yet they are): "Won't you die if you don't move?".

    "It's your dream not mine", the megalodon replies deeply, serenely.

    "You have a message for me?"

    The waves ebb to and fro with the rhythms of the ocean.

    "We are sorry for feeding on your species from time to time. Most of us do not appreciate your taste"

    I digest this insight and reply: "Thank you for the apology. Will you stop doing it then?". I can hear the constant clicks of the coral on the ocean floor.

    "No. It is the way of nature".

    A minute passes in silence, or maybe an hour.

    "If we meet again would you spare me?" I ask hopefully and immediately I regret asking the question.

    "No" comes the reply in a thoughtful monotone.

    "I understand."

    Megalodon slowly starts to turn.

    "Do you have any... any advice for me?", I stutter.

    “Yes... when diving, do not relieve yourself in your wetsuit”.

    The gushes from its tail causes me to tumble over as sand particles cloud the water. As the murk clears I can see it has disappeared into the deep. The waves move me ever so slightly, to and fro, to and fro. I can hear the clicks of the coral on the ocean floor. In the distance a wave breaks.

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  • Ucantnome
    There are some people that I do work for and they live in big houses with swimming pools in their gardens. I have visited them several times over the years I once went there in the rain and another time on hot day when they were out so I took my clothes off and swam in their pool for a while. They didn't come home that time but when they do they often comment how they haven't seen me in a long time and they are right some times its years. I tell them I will see them more often but its been awhile now. It will be good to see them again whenever I dream of them again.
  • truthseeker100


    Another guy whose family I know.

    My next door neighbor is a Nobel prise winner! Talk about a crazy person. LOL

  • Ucantnome

    I've had two lucid dreams in recent years both i've found things in the dream that led me to the conclusion that this is a dream but i feel totally awake. I found it very strange. I also found it a little frightening. I wasn't sure how I was going to get out of it, as I felt awake. I closed my eyes in the dream and it was a struggle. It felt like how I felt once many years ago when i had to get something from the bottom of the swimming pool in the deep end at school. It seemed quite a deep pool with a high diving board and I wasn't a good swimmer (I can swim but i was put in the non swimmers group at school). I remember being a bit panicky on the way up, it seemed to take forever. I found the dreams weird

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    Great post, Loveunihateexams....

    for some odd reason I've had about 5 lucid dreams in the past month, the most recent was the craziest..

    I'm walking down the street and suddenly there's a cobweb blocking me, so I pull it out of my way, then another appears, then more and more until I try to charge through them all and they start to wrap around my body, pulling me to the floor.... well after fighting the damn things off i get up and throw the bundle of 'web stuff' away, and just flies up in the air and sticks to a wall high up on a near building and I immediately think, 'this is a dream, I'm dreaming'... so I start trying to construct things, I wish a building into existence and it appears, I turn the corner and wish another scene and it appears. then I notice my eyes are shutting and I think, damn, I'm losing it, I'm about to lose lucidity. then I awaken in bed, but I don't trust it, so I do an experiment and realise it's a 'false' awakening and i'm still dreaming... so I take my hand and push it through the glass of the window (I'm on the first floor of a house) and it softly goes through the glass, like entering another dimension, no smash, no pain... i then hurl myself through the glass smashing it and land on the pavement below, but then I wake up in bed again, so redo do the experiement, ' it's still a dream', put my hand through the glass 'again', it goes through softly again, throw myself out the window through the glass again, land on the pavement below, unhurt. Find myself next to a Barkley's Bank, push my hand through the glass door, goes through softly, push my whole leg through, same thing, and yep, you guessed it... decide to violently fling my body through the glass door of the bank and land on the carpet inside... then finally I awaken.. for real... wow, did I immediately grab pen and paper for that one, it was one of my faves....

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "I've had the "naked in the kingdom hall" dream a couple of times. Seriously. WTF is that supposed to mean???"

    It means that you've been exposed.

  • FadeToBlack

    I seem to have very lucid wandering/lost dreams. Could be in an airport/super mall or even small town. No matter how hard I try, I can't get back to where I was. I just get further away or end up going in circles.

    The strange thing is that I recognize the dream and try to change the channel, but I can't.

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