Raining before the Flood?

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  • dropoffyourkeylee
    We were taught there were rings around the earth ( the firmament above the expanse, going back to KJV terminology). the rings were where the water vapor was held until the flood. Also the rings caused a greenhouse effect that explained the vegetation in the Arctic , mastodons with green vegetation in their mouths, quickfrozen when the firmament fell. All based on Isaac Vail's theories published in 1912.
  • Ich3b
    Someone at my meeting commented that Noah had a hard time warning about the flood because there was no word for rain, cuz you see, it had never rained before.
  • Simon

    Theist logic:

    "Now today's weather report - it will be misty this morning with fog persisting into the afternoon"

    "OMG, that means it can never rain ... or snow ... or hail ..."

  • prologos
    I remember something about a firmament?The water canopy was called firmament, because the water was hard, frozen Ice, and that sun light was defracted, not specular, so: no rainbow no rain, no bow, no pot of gold. actually, it was the water missing from Mars, that fell, all the way. pushed by the solar anti-wind. wow.
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    An old Circuit Overseer in the 70s in his public talk said there were no oceans or seas before the flood. It was only after the deluge of heavy rainfall that oceans and seas formed

  • Mephis

    Imagine what the atmospheric pressure would be like with all that water in the atmosphere. Actually don't imagine, find some footage of what's needed to work in that kind of pressure when humans explore places like the Marianas Trench. I guess Noah may have been thickskinned... very thickskinned... and titanium boned or whatever... Genesis and science don't play well together, who knew?

    And that was cruel posting the song St.George. Going to have to bleach my mind now as the tune to it popped out when I started to read the words. Urgh.

  • fulltimestudent

    I knew it was somewhere - just took a little time to find it!

    When rain falls on mud, it lives small pit-marks. Usually they are worn away before more sediment covers them, but there are some that survived:

    In contrast, direct evidence of rainfall in the geological record is very difficult to find. Some limited evidence has been provided by well-preserved rain pits in 1.8-billion-year-old rocks in southwestern Greenland.

    Link: http://www.britannica.com/science/Precambrian-time

  • truthseeker100

    fultimestudent: When rain falls on mud, it lives small pit-marks. Usually they are worn away before more sediment covers them, but there are some that survived.

    So true, just like when lies from the WTBS land on rational people they are worn away and some remain and survive.

  • Dunedain

    @ - Fulltimestudent - Thanks for posting that information, it is quite appropriate. Brilliant observation, and that you remembered it.

    I always LOVED the story of Noah, and not from the perspective of the 2 by 2 animals, and the 8 saved people, and all that, but from a totally different perspective.

    If we were to beleive it was true, then think about the fantasy world that existed before the flood. It would have been like Dungeons and Dragons, meets Lord of the rings, meets Genesis. If "demons" could come down to earth,in the form of a sexually viable man, then why not as the form of a dragon, or a centaur, or ANY form their hearts desired. They would have been the "mighty ones" of old. There offspring would have been all manner of creature, and beast, and perfection of mind and body. A "fantasy" world indeed. Then the struggle of the survival of the "pure" line of Seth, and the proliferation of the "polluted" line of Cain. Its the makings of the greatest fantasy, sci fi,book or movie, EVER.

    I have been "studying" the old stories of ancient cultures, and always with the "twist" of pre-deluvian. I am even writing, and have been for years now, a fantasy, sci fi, book, that takes place in this "world". So, i am into this big time.

    With this being said, the WTS has been saying, and continues to say, that it NEVER rained before the flood. This is 100 percent part of their "dogma", and logic. The ONLY precipitation, according to WTS, was the "mists and early morning dew", that would water the vegetation. As others above have said, they also beleive in the "water canopy" theory, and that it was the cause of the "flood rains", and that water also came up from the "springs" under the ground.

    I know this for a 100 percent fact, as i have used the WTS, and MANY, MANY, other sources, as "study" material for my book, especially and usually only when dealing with "Noahs flood".

    The funny thing is that in trying to write my book, set in the pre-flood world, and wanting to prove that it could have really happened, i wound up proving that it, indeed, COULD NOT have happened, or at least NOT on a GLOBAL scale. This changed the "tone" of my book, from a historical/fantasy perspective, to a STRICTLY fantasy perspective, because of it.

    The above info, showing how "rain patterns", are found in rocks that are OVER a BILLION years old, is just the start of the abundance of "proof" that it could NOT have been on a global scale. From the water canopys "pressure" on earth, to vegetation NOT being able to survive under water, to the HUGE variety of animal life NEVER have been able to fit on the ark, or evolve in such few generations from the flood to what we have today variaty wise, and many other points.

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    Sounds like an interesting book in the works. It reminds me of Angels and Women, which is familiar to WT observers on this site. It is a fictional account of the last years before the Flood from the narrative of Japheth's wife.

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