Please Switch Off Your Critical Thinking

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath


  • KiwiBoy

    I'm with stan ..........tithing......and I have spoken to several who have said they will NEVER do that.....but time will tell and it will indeed be a test of obedience.

  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    Tax Free. Remember this. Out of there own mouths when they sell property real estate etc. and collect Millions which has nothing to do with Religion then and only then can and will the Government Tax them on the real estate deals they make in the name of Religion. This day is coming and its going to Bankrupt them. So, this is what will bring that corrupt organization down nothing else. As long as they remain Tax free, they will go on and on and on just like the song Don't Stop Believing. Its Tax free or get Taxed that will determine its continued existence. In the meantime as Pale.Emperor has shown in this excellant Topic, they will try and keep the rank and file guessing what the next move is ....Money! Money! Money! I guess! Blueblades

  • pale.emperor
    Stan - tithing

    Its only a matter of time. Even when I was "in" I was surprised they weren't tithing us. Remember, this is a religion that takes a symbolic book (Revelation), a symbolic nation (Israel), and a symbolic state (virgins) yet ascribes a literal number (144,000).

    Sure this new GB member could make his bones by bringing out some new light of his own.

  • smiddy3

    I agree that tithing is the way they will go.It`s the only thing that can make up for their loss of revenue in book and magazine sales/contributions and the drop in converts in western nations where the money is.

    10% of dollars from 8.5 million members should add up to a tidy sum each year to keep them going well into the future.

  • Spiral

    I have been thinking that they are going to have to tithe as well. Setting everyone up with an account online so they can contribute directly (and NOT anonymously, records can now be kept) and bypassing the local congregations.

    Consolidation of halls and making people drive miles away looks good on paper, but I am certain that, where I am, no one will do that long term. The congregation here is so reduced (and poor) but the hall is pretty new and in a great location, so I can see them thinking that they will sell this hall and make everyone drive 30 miles to the next town, which has an older hall not in a good area, not very valuable at all, also with an older, reduced congregation. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • SummerAngel

    Ive often wondered if they will sell bunker places at one stage i even wondered if thats what warwick would be used for a final call of give us your goids and we will give you shelter from armagedeon. Doubt tithing its just too churchy for them. May charge for downloads or conventions could see that happening. I also agree re strickter shunning rules maybe forbidding all exucation and employment outside arganisation i think it will be about separating off from non jw s

  • Dagney

    Interesting thread and responses.

    I think the WTBS move to video is brilliant. As they see the need to dissolve more and more congos, they could have a standard weekly meeting direct from mother for everybody to watch on TV and not have to physically attend a night meeting. WTBS can report their made up numbers without anyway to verify, and appear to still be going strong. They are half way there already.

    They are really trying to figure out a way to keep the adherents engaged to feel what they are doing is relevant, with the least amount of investment from GQ - all under the guise of "simplification" and "Jah providing what is needed at the proper time."

    People seemed to be thrilled at the relaxed demands of FS, trolleys/carts, tablet witnessing, reduced hours, and it appears more and more social as the demands ease up. At least that is what I see when I check people out on FB, I could be wrong. As the demands relax, they are less critical of mother.

  • HiddlesWife

    After reading the comments of freedomrocks and PE, I was having some gnawing thoughts about what could happen if the GB gets mentally-insanely eager/anxious to show the R&F and the rest of the world their so-called "power":

    I hope and pray that they do not institute a food and drink/beverage arrangement at any of the KHs, CAs and RCs. I hope and pray that they do not commit a copycat crime resulting in a Jim Jonesque/Heaven's Gatesque massacre--just to also prove their point--and blame God Almighty or Jesus Christ for this ("This is coming from our God and Reigning King/Redeemer of above! We all must be loyal to them! So, drink and eat all of what is being given to you!!").

    I know what I posted sounds creepy (or even chilling), but anyone who is PIMO and PIMI should get away from the Borg (whether or not something like the above would occur) before it's too late. . . . . because who knows what those $#6+$ in Warwitch might think and do!

  • pometerre21

    Even when I was still mentally in, whenever they would spew this whole "obey us whether it made sense or not" I would automatically think of Jonestown. Honestly, though, I don't think it would be that crazy. This is a company after all; they're more interested in making money than killing followers if things go south for them.

    I also think straight up tithing is a little too obvious. @SummerAngel said they might start charging for certain things, which I think might be a little more realistic. Maybe start charging for a JW Broadcast subscription or the new releases at the convention. You know that little box that pops up on the app for the Convention Releases? The one that says "Have you attended the 2017 convention yet?" They could put a charge on those maybe.

    Due to New Light on overlapping generations, maybe they'll come up with another 1975-like situation. That overlapping generation has to die out sometime, so whether they realize it or not, they are most definitely setting a date for Armageddon. Maybe they might publish when that year is? Like the overlapping generation has to die out by 2080 or something.

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