Elders getting burnt up.

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    From what I've seen, those who have been recently appointed fall into 1 of 2 categories:

    1. They've achieved nothing of note in their "real lives"-- they have dead-end, low paying jobs, and can barely afford to put food on their families' tables or provide a comfortable home they could be proud of. It's the only "marker" of success in their lives. It's the one chance they'll ever get in their lives to play the role of boss-- put on a cheap suit, a tacky pocket handkerchief, and tell other people what to do.

    2. Those who actually have a brain in their heads, who became MS's because they were willing to step up and help getting lots of the little stuff done. The whole time they say "...but there is NO WAY I'll ever be an elder. I'll decline when they ask me." But then when the time comes, the pressure comes hard and they just can't say no.

    They just read the letter at our hall this past weekend informing us of the new Kingdom Hall Master Plan arrangement (consolidate and sell all the really valuable KHs). The majority of the letter talked about efficient use of the KHs and following directions willingly, but then it had a very out-of-place paragraph about a great need for brothers to step up and reach out to be an MS and/or elder and that if you don't want to, you need to pray about it (or some such blather). Clearly this is a problem that is just getting worse.

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    burnedout - "I could sense their desperation and need for someone, anyone, to take on the role."

    Dovetails nicely with what I've been saying...

    ...that fewer and fewer "qualified brothers" are willing or able to step up to the plate, forcing the Org to scrape the bottom of the barrel even deeper (in terms of quality)...

    ...which further compels the Org to fight even harder to keep the pedo database under wraps...

    ...because said barrel-bottom-scraping can't help but inevitably venture into database territory just to keep the congregations staffed...

    ...and if/when the names were exposed, they'd be off the list of "qualified brothers", even further reducing the Org's ability to function at the grassroots level.

  • biblexaminer

    How pathetic. I got a text from the COBE today asking if my son could take the arrangement, and at the hall no less.

    Usually he asks me to take it. But today, he knows, I'm off the grid. So, instead he asks me in a text if my son can do it.

    First, my son is not an MS. He was passed over because he went to school.

    Second, why the hell are you asking papa? For gods sake, he's old enough to take the group, why the hell don't you ask him?!?!?!!!!

    Now, I am the biggest "apostate" in town, hands down. The shiFt I've been up to...wooo

    And all they got is to ask me... and if my son can do it!! (insert expletive)

    We went through the list of possible elders and ms's in the congo, and we can't believe that in two groups slated to meet at the hall this am that the almost TEN appointed ones can't do it.


    I get asked all the time lately to take the group, and I almost always say no, because I have XYZ...

    You can really see it coming apart

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