Elders getting burnt up.

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  • biblexaminer

    The elders in this area are getting burned out. I have overheard comments that demonstrate this, but in my dealings with them, I clearly see it. They are getting 'used up'. They can't keep it straight. They have so many letters and rules and policies that they are getting confused and forgetting everything. They don't seem to know which end is up anymore.

    I had one elder here issuing instructions as per a recent letter, and then later inquiring about the same policies that he himself was responsible for disseminating information about. He asked about it, after he himself did the groundwork a month ago, then tells me "it's the first I've heard about it"... whoa!

    I was aghast.

    Another elder couldn't do the closing prayer. He said "I'm not prepared... I have to prepare". Damn, I thought, the meeting is not even started and it's the closing prayer, and you can't freaking do it 'cause you're 'not prepared ' ... WTH.

    The COBE is burnt. You can see him slowly losing it and his wife was telling other sisters about how he is burnt.

    Another elder was required do do something simple ...and openly, in front of the Congo, made a 'disgusted face' and refused. Same elder, emailed me about an issue, I emailed him back. In his next reply, he contradicted himself in the same response. I thought, 'bro... you gotta look better at your lies before you hit SEND'. WTH

    Its a weekly thing. Everyday a new surprise. But all pointing to the same conclusion, elders getting burnt out. Too many balls to juggle.

  • scratchme1010

    Its a weekly thing. Everyday a new surprise. But all pointing to the same conclusion, elders getting burnt out. Too many balls to juggle

    That actually makes me feel sad for them. This is the result of them feeling that it was "a privilege" and something worth striving for, and now they are realizing that such "privilege" has been just coercion into doing free labor for the WT. They are the ones doing the dirty work for the WT and get absolutely nothing in return.

    Sad to see them burn out of something that produces nothing for them.

  • Fernando

    The last thing these poor bastards need right now is a few doses of unanswerable "questions from the field"...

  • biblexaminer

    Imagine the JW camp and the whole story is a 'war front'. (Not too difficult when you consider Rutherford looked at it precisely that way and that's why he named congos "a company".)

    The dubs are in the trenches and the elders are the officers.

    The enemy advances toward our lines...

    The elders either begin sobbing or run in the opposite direction.

    ...what leaders.

  • Phizzy

    The JW Treadmill is tiring for all of them, but Elders are expected to do so much, and to provide for their own family, often the latter suffers deprivation in various forms, especially emotionally.

    What is so painful upon waking up to the JW Scam is to realise that all the effort, and all the anxiety, was totally pointless and unnecessary.

    Refreshment and new energy, and joy, await those who do wake up and fully leave.

  • Sanchy

    When I was in, I would literally feel that there was no way I could remember and/or accomplish all the demands of the assignment. It seemed there was a new set of instructions every week added to the already long list of things we had to do as elders.

  • WTWizard

    And yet they are expected to lead the congregations to missions in Israel. Just by browsing online, I probably know more about what is involved just getting there and spending the time than any of the hounders--including that there is more involved than simply sitting in a monastery for the time. It is no simple affair to prepare to go. You have to make arrangements to fly there, and hotels are not exactly the cheapest and finest available. You have to find their congregation, and hook up with that congregation in order to be able to effectively work the territory without having black magic used against you or getting run out of it. You need to prepare for where you will have meals, and for the boasting sessions. It is not as simple as going to a Grand Boasting Session.

    Yet, with all the directives from the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger, the hounders are not able to find all this information and organize the trip without being hassled. They need to seek direction from people that are probably even less efficient at organizing missions. If I were serious about going and could book the trip myself, I could probably do it in about 2 hours online. Going through the congregation, I might waste 10 or more tries. And yet, as with anything else, if the hounder says "F*** this, I know how to do this and that is how I will do it", the hounder-hounder will use the "brazen conduct" excuse to remove that hounder.

    I am hoping that, with all this rubbish going around where too many abrupt and forcible changes in directives on minor issues happening, they won't be going at all.

  • NikL

    One of my favorite elders was just removed (or step down I don't know which) during our last circuit overseer visit.
    This guy has a lot of health problems and a wife who is mentally unstable. But he would give 100% to the congregation. A really good guy as far as I can tell.
    These poor sods are really to be pitied. Just think of all the cognitive dissonance that the normal rank-and-file publisher feels an amp that up to a large degree and there I think you have the day-to-day life of a typical Elder.

  • tor1500

    HI All,

    I started a topic a while back...are the FDS beating us...many replied that sure they are, when the #'s are down they put more pressure on everyone...

    So the Elders are burnt out...couple of scriptures come to mind...one is...to those much is given ( or in their case reaching out for more), much is expected. The other scripture is about the FDS beating the slaves...& that's what the society is doing, beating the Elders...whip whip, do more, do more...There is a part of me that feels sorry for them...but on the other hand...they reached out for it...many of them maybe just wanted to be Joe blow in the congregation, but noooooooo.....they wanted to reach out for privileges....& did they get'em. Just like reaching out to be a pioneer....they reach out for it, then complain about they didn't make their hours this month..I really want to say to them, you did it to yourself...why? What was your motivation to reach out to pioneer, was it to hear your name announced, to be a part of the pioneer click where you are now in the IN-Crowd....As many of us know, some of the JW's get their cudo's at the hall, at their jobs, they are just a spoke in the wheel...& many being a spoke in the wheel is not enough for them...they must shine...wherever they are. Some of the Elders reached out because of their wives who wanted to be a part of the muckity mucks...

    Yes, they are burnt out...sometimes, they assign talks to folks on the wrong days...they say they are going to give you a shepherd call, they can't keep up with the chariot of MAN...Not to mention, they know the insides of the Society, don't think many of them don't know about the ARC, they do, but just imagine being an elder & knowing all these things & getting up on the stage & act as if he's got it together....talk about pressure....

    I'm glad to be a spoke in the wheel...at the job & at the hall...I try to go out in the ministry when possible....

    One of the brothers asked me if I'd consider being a pioneer...I said no not now...because I'd much rather be a good private (publisher) than a bad General (pioneer)....then I quoted the scripture where it mentions, if you are faithful with a little, Luke 16:10:The person faithful in what is least (publisher hours) is faithful also in much (if I decide to pioneer), and the person unrighteous in what is least is unrighteous also in much. So if Jehovah sees fit for me to reach out....he'll place it on my heart...until then, I'll be faithful in what is least. Guess what? The elder, was silent...& that's why I said it...to keep him quiet....The best thing to do with witnesses is answer with a scripture...especially one that backs up your statement....I find when they want to paint you into a corner, answer them with a scripture that they can't deny...once we were out Public witnessing....we were standing in an area & another church was not to far from us....so one of the friends started to complain about them by saying, we have the truth & they are out there giving out tracts & such....they aren't preaching the truth....well, I couldn't resist, the other Christians were quietly doing their Christian thing like we do...So I went to the scriptures again and quoted another one....Luke 9:49-50:In response John said: “Instructor, we saw someone expelling demons by using your name, and we tried to prevent him, because he is not following with us.”+ 50 But Jesus said to him: “Do not try to prevent him, for whoever is not against you is for you.” Not a word was said from that point...I love using the scriptures to make a point when they are being high & mighty & judgmental.

    Sorry for going off course...so yes, the Elders are burnt out & if the end don't come soon we won't need no GT, the Elders will just go up in smoke all by themselves...

    But we must remember to not rejoice over someone else's come upp'ins...even IF WE THINK they deserve it...

    Because at the end of the day, it could be one of us...


  • Londo111

    This is nothing new.

    Every year there are fewer elders and ministerial servants. And fewer males are "stepping up to the plate", meeting the incredibly steep requirements it takes to climb the theocratic ladder.

    That means more work for those that remain.

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