Elders getting burnt up.

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  • Simon

    People forget that very often the Elders are victims too while sometimes, at the same time, making other people victims.

  • Vidiot
    Simon - "People forget that very often the Elders are victims too..."

    The decent ones, anyway.

    The assholes don't incite much sympathy.

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    I agree with Simon, my husband really was a victim also. Our marriage, my mental health, his physical health, non of it mattered.

    I was a total enabler, I felt I was on this crazy merry-go-round and could not stop spinning long enough to think.

    What really kills me now are the JW's that try to encourage me back by saying mistakes were made and that elder's are not treated like we were now. That the GB learned that demanding so much from elders and their wives was wrong.

    Seriously! This one sister told me last month these exact word's. She trully is a sweet person who is afraid to take her blinders off as she would lose her entire family. One son an elder, son-in law MS. This religion is all she has known. It's sad.


  • burnedout

    I too was told soon after my resignation as elder that the org is realizing the stress they have put on appointed men and that the burdens are being made lighter.

    My response: "The damage is done, the damage is real, it is too late."

    I could sense their desperation and need for someone, anyone, to take on the role.

  • biblexaminer

    A lot of good comments here. Since I posted this, I have had contact with a bro who was an elder here but who now doesn't even attend meetings. He totally bummed out.

    But ultimately, he is still hooked on Watchtower. WT has been his god and WT will continue to be his god.

    Only now, he wants to complain about his god... while it's still his god.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Did Watchtower used to say people become like their gods?

  • Kensei01

    I have been noticing this as well for the last several years. The ranks are not being filled as other elders die, get removed, or just step down. Those that do step up tend to be incompetent boobs or just skate along getting others to do their work for them. I have seen some real winners up on that platform. Now I'm not talking about being different; nor is there anything wrong in not having certain skills; but being an elder should have a stricter criteria. Now they are importing younger elders as fast as they can into the hall I used to attend, since the average age of the elders in that hall is at least 65. There is a definite brain drain, and the prohibition on higher education, and the change to the mid week 'school' isn't going to train anyone to improve anytime soon.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I do not miss one thing about having been an Elder.

    At one time I would have said that I missed Public Talks when I was forced to sit in the audience for a lousy talk. NO MORE! Because I haven't sat through a lousy talk (nor a "good" one) for over 2 years!

    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I would have to agree with the OP. One telling sign is how often they conduct shepherding visits? Where I live - rarely

    The elders have to do sooo much, I actually admire them for all the work they do. I really don't know how they do it. Ithink it's sad that the GB puts such a load on these guys....And for what!

    Personally, I don't feel very up lifted by the meetings. The Tuesday meeting is laboriously long. I don't find the talks very inspiring... The Sunday meeting...Not too bad, but they need to shorten the Watchtower.

    When Jesus spoke whilst on earth. He reached the heart. He inspired people. Eg sermon on the mount. When the apostles preached or taught, they reached the heart. They were all inspirational.They never droned on and on in a dogmatic way about HOW we are supposed to speak to people in the ministry.

    The elders today are bogged down with one item after another telling us how we are to preach..EVERY WEEK ON AND ON.

    To stop the elders burning out, they need to cut each meeting by half,; speak plainly from the bible with talks that inspire and reach the heart; rather than drone on week after week about the ministry.

    Jesus said his load is light. The GB make it heavy and burdensome. Hopefully these guys will look to Jesus and have that load lightened. I have given up on the GB ever doing so!

  • Crazyguy

    They should just get rid of the mid week on Sunday during the talks they can bring out how to respectfully hand out fliers in thier ministry and the wt should be about half hour and be only about love for one another no more cult crap. If they did this they would probably keep more of the members from leaving.

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