Hip Replacement Surgery

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  • titch

    I'm not really sure where to put this post or "thread", so I'll just put it in the Physical Activities area. I just want to know if anyone on the Forum has any experience with having a hip replacement surgery done on them, or perhaps a friend or relative. What was your experience, if it was you? Let me know, because this is something that I'll have to facing in the next month or so. Any input is welcome. Best Regards, all!


  • waton

    A great, now routine operation. they now send you home the same day. was off painkiller after a week, and then danced the twist at wedding too. (carefully)

    try to stay in the hospital as long as you can. pain is a pain.

    It probably involves violence that you rather not see, and restoring all to normal , healing that damage will take time.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Do not do the twist. All the muscles are stretched and if you dislocate it can do damage and the fixes get more complicated and dangerous. Do follow the precautions and do therapy

  • RubaDub

    titch ...

    Just don't don't try the "hips don't lie" thing by Shikira anytime soon ... lol.

    Seriously, I know several people that have had it done and overall are very pleased. Nothing is perfect, but they all say it is a definite improvement.

    Rub a Dub

  • Tantalon

    My Mum had both done, a couple of years apart in her late sixties. Very good outcome, no problems at all.Now in her late 80s, all good still.

  • Diogenesister


    waton5 hours ago
    A great, now routine operation. they now send you home the same day. was off painkiller after a week, and then danced the twist at wedding too. (carefully)

    Lovely to hear Waton!❤️ I remember my lovely Nanna having it done many years ago and she was in hospital for 6 weeks!!! Mind you it was very successful and she was doing gentle ballet exercises not long after!

  • Diogenesister
    and then danced the twist at wedding too. (carefully)
    NB Waton you’re a very bad Jehovah’s Witness Don’t you remember that Watchtower telling us “The Twist” was derived from an ancient fertility ritual and to be undertaken at your own peril!!!
  • waton
    The Twist” was derived from an ancient fertility ritual

    DG: I proved that point right there and then. because it was done with my very young daughter. The operated leg could hang quite loosely by the way, no stress at all.

  • titch

    I want to thank everyone who has read this post and responded. A little bit of background information as to why I posted this: I am 65 years old, soon to be 66. For the past almost 3 years, I have been "plagued" by the malady of osteoarthritis, of the hip joints. It all began in the right hip joint, in early 2017. And, for about the past 3 months or so---since September of 2019, the osteoarthritis has manifested itself in the left hip point. And, through x-rays and MRIs, it has been confirmed that it is indeed, osteoarthritis. That's why my primary care physician referred me to an orthopedic specialist near where I live. That doctor strongly advised me, urged me. to have the hip replacement procedure done, or else I'll probably end up in a wheelchair in the next 5 to 10 years. So, that's why I sought out in put from users of this forum. And, I do want to thank you for responding with your experiences. Your input has been welcomed. Thanks again. Best Regards, all!


  • Finkelstein

    I would get a second opinion to make sure that's the problem, if it is reconfirmed I would go ahead with the surgery.

    Plan to take it slow and easy for a few weeks and exercise lightly to rebuild muscle tissue.

    Your still at an age that will make the recovery reasonably quick rather than leaving it later on.

    Good luck

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