Does enforced shunning violate free will?

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  • pbrow


    Exactly! When organizations such as the Watchtower corporation attempt to enforce their disingenuous and self-serving little rules upon their millions of mentally captive adherents, then they are, indeed, operating above the law – the basic law of the land which guarantees freedom from such egregious abuses of power.

    They can attempt to enforce all they want. Each one of the "millions of metally captive adherents" is an individual who is making the choice to follow the rules. What they believe is irrelevant. Under law they have the choice. Adults who choose to live this way have chosen to live this way. The consequence of their choice is their burden to bare.

    It seems to me, though, that an organization had ought to be held accountable for its policies that cause emotional damage to people

    That is the difficulty here. The people inside need to wake up, make noise and demand change. Imagine if every person started making firm, prinicpled stands for the positions they were opposed to. In very short order the org would be a shell of its former self.


  • pbrow


    I showed this to my still in mother a few years back. When the elders found out she was still conversing with me she used this article with good affect.

    As a side note, Ray Franz says that he was either the author or co-author (cant remember now) of that article and wanted to reflect a more christ like attitude towards df'd ones.

    The argument "its in the watchtower, how can it be wrong?" is very compelling to cow eyed elders who do not have pre-written answers to that statement.


  • TheFadingAlbatros

    By its shunning politics, JW.Org is acting like a terrorist organization. They are not using bombs, physically speaking, but they are breaking, and this without any punishment, family ties. This organization made in USA needs to be shunned, at it's turn and in due time, by governmental authorities.

  • Steel

    Something I find ironic is every JW knows the story of the JWs during WW2 and the holocaust but very few know the story about the failed 1975 prediction and how many walked away shortly after. Also how in 1981 they made officially quitting the same as disfellowshipping and how it was connected to the 1975 screw up.

    I think it is kind of rich that during WW2 all a JW to do to leave the camps was to sign a piece of paper. Now they have to blackmail them into staying.

  • Finkelstein

    Shunning or DFing is structured to support the power, authority and control over people that also includes all professed doctrines which to the WTS heads had to be closely enforced for most were pretentiously drawn up to create and develop followers.

    ie . Christ had returned, the end times are here, the GT and Armageddon soon.

    The Kingdom of which the WTS preached was fraudulent and commercial.

  • babygirl30

    Does everyone remember the scene in V for Vendetta when after all the torture, Evie is suddenly told she is free to go...

    As she walks out the door of her cell she noticed all the fake guards, toy guns, and empty cells she walked past EVERYDAY when she believed she was a prisoner - and never noticed it was all smoke and mirrors. THAT is JW free will...

  • pbrow

    babygirl... that movie came along for me at just the right time!!

    Anyone who thinks "the problem is out there" needs to watch this movie!


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