Does enforced shunning violate free will?

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  • poopie

    And .

  • Finkelstein

    It violates freedom of choice in regards to human rights of freedom of religion and sexual identity to name a few.

    The JWS religion incites hatred and prejudice of a an individual's own religoius choice and personal sexual identity.

  • steve2

    Does proscribing shunning violate free will? Can you frame a law that prosecutes the individual who shuns another?

    The law has much. much bigger fish to fry.

  • zeb

    The UN declaration of human rights.

  • MeanMrMustard
    It violates freedom of choice ...

    How? I don't think it does. You can choose to leave at any time. They can choose to leave you at any time. Seems like everyone has lots of choices here.

    in regards to human rights of freedom of religion ...

    How? You can leave. I left.

    and sexual identity to name a few.

    This one confused me.


  • sparrowdown

    Every individual JW is free to choose whether to obey the GB or not - they just don't know it.

    It is a prison of the mind you are in as a JW, which is difficult to prove.

    Waking up to this is like you and your loved ones have been sitting in a prison cell for years when you get up one day and finally trying to open the door you discover it's actually never been locked and walking out past the guards to find out they never had the physical power to stop you and their guns are props.

    It sucks donkey dong and it is difficult and scary to disobey the GB but people can always use the magic word when it comes to shunning or any other GB imposed rules, and that word is NO!

  • Landy

    You can't make a law that compels a person to talk to someone else.

  • nicolaou

    There is no such thing as "enforced shunning". That's not to minimise the powerful, coercive effect of Watchtowers hold over its members but ultimately shunning is a choice that every individual JW must be held accountable for.

  • schnell
    No. It's just a stupid game that people play.
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    "Free" will? No, this is a choice with a price to pay.

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