April 2018 Broadcast - normal weird stuff

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  • Listener

    "Kind of in shock about it" is very different than being "Really Shocked". Anyway, it was how it came across on the video as well, how it was expressed and without any explanation. That's okay, you see things differently than I do and (to me) Dozy's reasoning makes a lot of sense. But to be more specific, it makes a lot of sense when you understand the weird views that JWs can sometimes hold.

  • flipper

    This is the WT Society's theme song :


  • undercover
    She states that "when Thomas and I first learnt that I was pregnant, we were both really shocked"

    They know what causes that now...

  • FedUpJW

    HQ now being short of cash...have had a light bulb moment and...are using product placement as the way forward for their desperate cult...

    To target their consumer with product placement most effectively I would suppose they would need to use cheap beer, fattening fast foods, and cleaning supplies?

  • Phoebe

    I've just watched John Cedars rebuttal to the April Broadcast.

    So, basically, no abortion at any cost. Even if a woman's life is at threat.

    A failing marriage was because the woman didn't understand her husband needed to feel 'respected'

    Another failing marriage left a woman with an unscriptural divorce for 15 years until she got back with said husband.

    Some pretty old Russian experiences.

    Put your phone in flight mode when reading the bible and then to top it all off...

    A Barry White type music video about romantic love which, despite the singer having a great voice, was just plain weird.

    My parents would not recognize this religion.

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