Watchtower analysis on Tony Morris

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  • corruptgirl

    Incognito Montoya- totally agree. Nothing will be done about this and they will ignore it at all costs. But the more that exjws take it seriously and put it out there and condemn him for it the more jws will see it and start to possibly question everything.

    The same way that so many jws woke up when they saw Jeffrey Jackson in the ARC.

  • john.prestor

    Let's try to keep things in perspective, you can't compare child sex abuse to this, we gotta be careful here.

  • corruptgirl

    So as long as the governing members don't molest children they can do whatever else goes against their teachings without scrutiny? Come on now...

  • john.prestor

    No no, I'm not saying that!

  • sir82

    I bet we never see Ol Tony in a public setting like that again

    Yep, time to send a "GB helper" to make the booze runs now.

    Or else drive out to Connecticut instead of NJ.

  • minimus

    Maybe he was buying it for more than himself and wife. If that is possible, so what?

  • minimus

    If he bought two bottles then what? If he bought 3 cases of beer? 🤭

  • DanShanks

    I know when something like this happens they change the guard on those answering the phones in Bethel.

    Most of the time they have comuter workers or less important bethelites on the fron tdesks.

    Now they have brought out the big guns all experienced ones answering the phones.

    Same thing happened when the peodophile stuff happened

  • snugglebunny

    My dad was a well respected PO and he always had one of these on the kitchen wall:

  • smiddy3

    The fact that Tony Morris enjoys an alcoholic drink like whiskey which is not wrong in itself, however surely will give the R&F the impetus that they too can go full tank now that its out their in the public domain that a GB member can do it so ,why cant we ?

    That`s all the excuse they need.

    Alcoholic problems are going to escalate in the Jehovah`s Witness ranks in the next few years .

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