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    I never post on here. I am Sanchy's wife. I posted my coming out story about 3 yrs ago. Needless to say this whole Tony Morris topic has me all stirred up.. not so much what he did (though I do believe it was wrong and therefore I made this extensive analysis) but because of how some exjws have shoved it off like it's no big deal. That's what's most appalling to me. Anyways I decided to do an analysis using their own literature....jwfacts style. I know it's long but I hope u read it.


    I want to remind current Jehovah’s Witnesses and ex Jehovah’s witnesses alike why it should be considered wrong for someone like Tony Morris the third to buy 12 bottles of expensive liquor.

    We can all agree that there is nothing wrong with this had it been any other man. But this is not just any man…this is Tony Morris, a member of the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. As such he has an obligation to his followers to uphold his own teachings …even more so than a regular Jehovah’s Witness. He should be the perfect example of what he professes. As Watchtower claims “The governing body are appointed through the holy spirit under the direction of Jehovah God and Jesus Christ.” (Please note all Watchtower quotes and bible verses only serve to prove a point such as does). In other words, these 7 men as a group are considered “God’s spokesmen”. So please remember this as you are reading the Watchtower quotes…and apply them to Tony Morris a hundredfold. Even Tony himself would have to agree with me in the role he has of setting an example in the world….as noted below.

    “Like the apostles of Jesus Christ, true Christians today are “on exhibition” and “have become a theatrical spectacle to the world, both to angels and to men.” (1 Cor. 4:9) So it is essential that all walk circumspectly, watching their conduct, their speech and their daily lives so as not to place a stumbling block before others.” (w65 5/15 303-309)

    The governing body is always reminding its followers about the importance of keeping Jehovah’s name clean. Anything they do or say can taint that name. They are very concerned with how the world views them, to the point where they encourage their followers to make personal sacrifices in order to keep “Jehovah’s name holy”.

    the Christian should be concerned about the example that he is setting in his daily life. As far as it depends on him, he should not be giving anyone a valid basis for viewing him as a person who violates moral laws or who acts contrary to the natural sense of propriety. The apostle Peter admonished fellow believers: “Let none of you suffer as a murderer or a thief or an evildoer or as a busybody in other people’s matters.” (1 Pet. 4:15) As should be true of men appointed as elders, all Christians should strive to have “a fine testimony from people on the outside.”—1 Tim. 3:7.

    “It is also vital that the servant of God take into consideration the conscientious feelings or scruples of the people among whom he is living. In some areas, for example, a person who drinks alcoholic beverages, even in moderation, or who eats certain kinds of food may be viewed as a sinner. When that is the case, the Christian would not insist on his right to drink a little wine or to eat pork or other meats that his neighbors might regard as defiling. Rather, he would make it his determination to forgo his rights so as not to put an unnecessary stumbling block before persons who might be responsive to the “good news.”” (g79 6/22 27-28)

    As you can see here it even goes to give an example of forgoing wine or meat that others “might regard as defiling.”

    When it comes to alcoholic beverages, the “distinction” between Jehovah’s Witnesses and the world ought to be unmistakable. Drinking alcoholic beverages is not central in the lives of genuine Christians. They do not experiment with the limits of their alcohol tolerance, coming dangerously close to drunkenness; nor do they allow alcoholic beverages to impair or in any way interfere with their serving God with their whole soul and with a clear mind.” (w96 12/15 25-29)

    “A Christian ought to assess whether his attitude toward drinking is being carried along by current trends or traditions. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, you would certainly not want to make your choices based on cultural trends or media propaganda. In assessing your own attitude, ask yourself, ‘Is it influenced by what is acceptable in the community?” (w96 12/15 25-29)

    I ask…is this acceptable to the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

    Possible Scenarios

    1. Now let’s look at the different reasons he could be purchasing this to begin with. For example, some believe he could have bought it for a gathering or a meeting. This would certainly explain why he bought so many. In such case though, this would also be going against Watchtower counsel. Why? Because as they have mentioned many times in their publications having alcohol at any gathering can be a “stumbling block” to others.

    “A person might be present who fought and overcame a problem with drinking. You can appreciate that general, unregulated access to alcohol could tempt him to overindulge and ruin the occasion for all. An overseer and father in Germany commented that his family benefits from pleasant association at social gatherings with fellow believers. He added, though, that the potential for problems was definitely greater when beer was easily available.” (w92 8/15 15-20)

    “Or at a social gathering one may stop just short of drunkenness but still have imbibed enough to create an unfavorable impression. How much better to deny oneself a little and so leave a good impression on others!” (w61 9/1 540-543)

    “This brother felt that promoting social gatherings while visiting the congregations would help unite the brothers. However, these often resulted in large feasts with immoderate drinking. For those who had fought hard to overcome alcohol addiction, this proved to be a stumbling block.” (yb8666-109)

    “A Christian would not want to be a stumbling block to anyone whose conscience condemns drinking.” (g 12/06 18-19)

    “Would it be reasonable for a Christian to adopt the view that as long as he did not get drunk, it really would not matter where, when, or how much he drank? We can ask, Is that a godly view? The Bible says: “Whether you are eating or drinking or doing anything else, do all things for God’s glory.” (1 Corinthians 10:31) A group of men gathering to drink large amounts of alcohol in public might not all get drunk, but would their conduct bring glory to Jehovah? The Bible admonishes: “Quit being fashioned after this system of things, but be transformed by making your mind over, that you may prove to yourselves the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”—Romans 12:2.(w96 12/15 25-29)

    I highly doubt a member of the governing body would be purchasing bottles of liquor for a JW gathering as it could prove to be a “stumbling block” to those there. They would be going against their own counsel and giving Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world a bad example. True that Watchtower has never said a Jehovah’s Witness is forbidden to have alcohol at a gathering but the publications always recommend that they only do so in small get togethers. That way it is easier for someone to supervise how much the guests are drinking.

    “Getting together with family and friends for social gatherings can also be encouraging. Wise King Solomon declared: “With a man there is nothing better than that he should eat and indeed drink and cause his soul to see good because of his hard work.” (Eccl. 2:24) Social gatherings not only refresh the soul but also strengthen our bond of love with fellow Christians as we get to know them better. To help contribute to a memorable and upbuilding occasion, it is best to keep social gatherings small and to make sure that they are properly supervised, especially if any alcohol is served.” (w10 6/15 25-29)

    Twelve bottles of hard liquor could not possibly be considered appropriate for a small gathering. I believe one would suffice for a small gathering. So regardless of whether it is a large gathering or a small gathering it doesn’t go by Watchtower rules.

    2. Another possibility is that he bought these bottles as gifts for people. This would still go against the “stumbling block” teaching in my opinion. It would also be considered a “showy display” because of the expense. In any case I think it would be inappropriate for Jehovah’s Witness standards.

    Where friends bring gifts, this should be done without “showy display.”(1 John 2:16-because everything in the world—the desire of the flesh and the desire of the eyes and the showy display of one’s means of life—does not originate with the Father, but originates with the world.” (w97 4/15 23-26)

    3. What if he was buying it for himself? Again…nothing terribly wrong in itself but it would be going against everything they preach. For example: modesty, gluttony, and bad management of money spent. Not to mention alcoholism. But let’s say he drank all these in moderation (which according to quotes above would still be wrong since he would be giving a bad appearance and being the cause stumbling block for any possible JW who could witness him buying all these bottles…. but I digress). Let’s move on the other aspects of why it would be against Watchtower teaching to buy such a numerous amount of alcohol for himself if its not for a gathering or a gift.

    a. Gluttony

    “But what is gluttony? Webster’s New International Dictionary of the English Language (Second Edition) defines “gluttony” as “excess in eating; extravagant indulgence of the appetite; voraciousness.” It describes a glutton as “one who eats voraciously, or to excess; a gormandizer; one who gluts himself in any way.” (w78 12/15 9-11)

    “Jesus Christ, the Son of God, knew the bad physical effects of overeating. That is why, in warning his disciples, he said: “Pay attention to yourselves that your hearts never become weighed down with overeating and heavy drinking.” (Luke 21:34) Such a condition will affect the person’s mind and heart, making him lazy, drowsy and careless. In this state, he will be dull respecting the will of Jehovah and may be very negligent in discharging responsibilities toward him. Unless the individual corrects his course, he may incur God’s displeasure and lose his life.” (w78 12/15 9-11)

    “In loving counsel, Jehovah says: “Do not come to be among heavy drinkers of wine, among those who are gluttonous eaters of flesh. For a drunkard and a glutton will come to poverty.” (Prov. 23:20, 21) If we do not want to come to spiritual poverty, yes, and maybe even to material poverty, we will do well to heed these words and avoid gluttony.” (w78 12/15 9-11)

    “Fermented beverages, such as palm wine and other local brews, are traditionally used in African countries. Tradition in some communities dictates that alcohol must be offered when guests are entertained. The hospitable host customarily provides more than his visitor can consume. In one area the custom is to set 12 bottles of beer in front of each visitor.” (w96 12/15 25-29 - This was under a subtitle called “An Ungodly View” and spoke about gluttony as well)

    Apparently 12 bottles of beer for one person is considered gluttony… interesting.

    b. Money expenditure

    Now let’s look at how Tony was able to afford all this liquor…. assuming it came out of “his own pocket” and not the donations. Although JW donations is what pays their small salary so however you look at it, its putting JW donations to bad use. Regardless they do get a modest income.

    “Instead of using religious activity to acquire material wealth for himself, Brother Russell spent all his resources in the Lord’s work. After his death it was reported in The Watch Tower: “He devoted his private fortune entirely to the cause to which he gave his life. He received the nominal sum of $11.00 per month for his personal expenses. He died, leaving no estate whatsoever.”

    “With regard to those who would carry on the work of the Society, Brother Russell stipulated in his will: “As for compensation, I think it wise to maintain the Society’s course of the past in respect to salaries—that none be paid; that merely reasonable expenses be allowed to those who serve the Society or its work in any manner.” Those who would serve at the Society’s Bethel homes, offices, and factories, as well as its traveling representatives, were to be provided merely food, shelter, and a moderate amount for expenses—enough for immediate needs but “no provision.. . for the laying up of money.” That same standard applies today.” (jv 340-351)

    It’s not for me to judge how anyone spends their money…. That’s the Watchtower’s responsibility.

    “But take a look at other expenses. What are you spending on alcoholic beverages? As the Canadian Book of Money points out, “an evening cocktail hour may be costing you $500 a year.” Others watch their paychecks go up in smoke. One person, smoking two packs a day, can spend $400 or more a year on cigarettes. Some have adopted the practice of eating at a restaurant once a week, but that can cost some families a sizable chunk out of a week’s salary. That same meat or seafood delicacy could be purchased for much less and enjoyed at home—with additional savings on gasoline, tips and parking. Could you use another $2,500 or more a year? That is what might be saved in these areas alone. Obviously, there are other ways of cutting back on expenditures.” (g84 4/8 23-27)

    Its giving an example here about spending $500 a year on alcohol and yet he spent double that in one purchase. Just thought that was interesting. Here is another financial suggestion from the Watchtower:

    Food and Drink: Alcoholic beverages are pleasurable but unnecessary. Plain foods, such as baked potatoes, are often not only cheaper but more nutritious than their fancier counterparts (such as French fries). In-season foods are also less costly. Rather than throwing out leftovers, find ways of using them, such as in stews and casseroles.” (g85 4/22 24-27)

    c. Modesty

    Now let’s look at how Watchtower encourages living a modest life…especially for those who want to be in full time service such as pioneers or Bethel Service.

    “Some serve as members of the global Bethel family. This is a staff of full-time ministers who have volunteered to do whatever they may be assigned in preparing and publishing Bible literature, in caring for necessary office work, and in providing support services for such operations. This is not work in which they gain personal prominence or material possessions. Their desire is to honor Jehovah, and they are satisfied with the provisions made for them in the way of food, lodging, and a modest reimbursement for personal expenses. Because of the way of life of the Bethel family, secular authorities in the United States, for example, view them as members of a religious order who have taken a vow of poverty. Those who are at Bethel find joy in being able to use their lives to the full in Jehovah’s service and in doing work that benefits large numbers of their Christian brothers and newly interested persons, sometimes internationally. Like others of Jehovah’s Witnesses, they also share regularly in the field ministry.” (jv 283-303)

    It doesn’t look like Tony Morris has taken a vow of poverty. Which is pretty hypocritical considering they encourage others to enter full time service and renounce all material possessions.

    “To aid fellow humans to learn about Jehovah and his marvelous purpose for mankind, a considerable number have given up promising careers, divested themselves of lucrative business interests, sold material possessions that they felt were unnecessary, or in other ways adjusted their circumstances. For the same reason, many have moved to other parts of their own country or even to other lands. Then there are those who chose singleness or, as married people, decided to forgo the joy of having children in order to make themselves available for service that would otherwise have been difficult to accomplish.”

    Apparently, he can have his cake and eat it too. So, if not wrong than Tony Morris is at the least a hypocrite. Speaking of hypocrisy let’s see how Watchtower views this trait.


    “According to the Bible, hypocrisy got its start, not among humans, but with an unseen spirit creature. Early in human history, Satan the Devil used a serpent as a mask and portrayed himself as a benefactor in order to mislead the first woman, Eve. (Genesis 3:1-5) Since then, many humans have similarly made themselves out to be something they were not, and they have done this to deceive others and to achieve selfish aims.

    Jesus spent time with his followers, and he taught them God’s way of thinking. Hypocrisy was to have no place among them. As a warning, Jesus strongly condemned the hypocritical practices of the religious leaders of that time.” (dx86-16)

    I wish there were someone to condemn the Governing Body’s hypocritical practices. The daily sacrifice they require from their followers in unjust. Yet they seem to be free of such sacrifices.

    As an unbiased phycologist who has never been a Jehovah’s Witness himself said:

    “This entire cult is based on appearances. Nothing else matters to this cult more than keeping a clean image and looking busy serving Jehovah. When a Governing Body member displays this level of impropriety it’s an arrogant display, and a slap in the face to every JW. It makes every JW look like a fool for starving themselves from worldly pleasures.”

  • Atlantis


    Excellent! The quotes you have provided clearly show that "Tony" is not qualified to be a member of the governing body. Watchtower literature proves this! I have never went into a liquor store and seen anyone buy as much liquor as Tony did. And taking into consideration the cost and the "vow of poverty" required by Bethel members, makes Booze Tony quite a hypocrite.


  • BourneIdentity

    Nice write up in classic Watchtower style!

    I also am in shock and awe by ones on here that see no big deal about what Tony did. They deflect and distract others with all sorts of questions to throw up a smoke screen.

    As I said before, anyone that feels we’re overreacting has to shut their Bible and toss out all the Watchtowers and base everything off of their human reasoning. If that’s the case, they are putting Tony above Jehovah and his Word. They are essentially making him an idol and worshipping him.

  • smiddy3

    Excellent analysis corruptgirl well done.

    { i was going to add 12 jugs of beer,but thought better of it.}

  • ScenicViewer

    Way to go Corruptgirl!

    The idea of JWs using extreme care at gatherings re serving alcohol had been going through my mind since the first mentions of it by those defending Tony Morris. You nailed the references that I thought must be there but had no idea where to look for them. Your research is outstanding and your communication skills are excellent.

    That was a very enjoyable read on many levels. Thank you!

  • atomant

    Great read corrupt girl.Youve put great effort into this write up Well thought out and.Makes perfect sense.

  • john.prestor

    Are there worse things the guy could have done? Yeah, there definitely are. But the OPs right, the Governing Body talks about stuff like this all the time, not even giving off the appearance of evil kind of stuff. Personally, it's the extravagance of it that bothers me... and I'm not going to lie, I like a good whiskey. But I also don't constantly beg people for money under the pretense of building Kingdom Halls in the global south, or ask kids to give up ice cream to pay my bills.

  • zeb

    A very good analysis.

    he will be gone soon me thinks..

  • baldeagle

    Great WT references, thanks for the research corruptgirl. I think “Top Shelf Tight Pants” will survive this and be more prudent next time. It will soon become a story from the distant past.

  • Atlantis


    { i was going to add 12 jugs of beer,but thought better of it.}

    That's ok smiddy3, just add those 12 jugs and drop them off over at my place. Vulcan and I will take GOOD care of them for you!


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