JWs Among the Least Educated in the US

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  • Chook

    Really if we observed behavioural patterns of JWs it does take Einstein to realise the majority are followers. Dumb breeds dumb then it becomes generational. Just look at the quality of their lawyers. Home schooling and isolation techniques are JWs form of education.

  • exjwlemming

    In my 25 years in the org, I can count on one hand the number of baptized JWs that received a college degree. The numbers for JWs with a college degree are severly skewed. In my experience, most members received a college degree before joining the cult, but they are counted. In addition, many unbaptized young ones that associate in the congregation (appeasing their parents) have college degrees. Technically, they are not JWs but think of themselves as JWs.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    In my experience, most members received a college degree before joining the cult, but they are counted.

    I listened to the "Society" and because of the nearness of the end, chose to go to Bethel rather than go to College.

    While I was there, one of my co-workers (who became a JW after he graduated from college) was taken off the Bindery line in the sweltering factory and was assigned to the Legal Dept. He was sent to Law School and received a Law Degree, on the Societies Dime (or should I say, on the donations of other JW's who weren't allowed to go to college themselves).

    Those of us who listened to the Societies advice, were passed over (even at Bethel) for not having a College Degree even though many of us were quite capable of having earned one.

    Years later, he left Bethel and the JW's went on to have a career in Law.

  • Chook

    Pete Zahut in Australia his name was Vin Toole. ( surname appropriate ).

  • Ruby456

    I'm so sorry JP

    is it better if I say that almost 1 in 2 in the US have a high school or less education while for Jehovah's witnesses it is worse as slightly more than 2 in 3 have a high school or less education.

    Or another way to put it is that nearly half of respondents said they had a high school or less education while among JWs it is roughly two thirds who have a high school or less education.

    I agree that Jews and Hindus (and universalist unitarians) have the highest levels of education and the disparity is much greater if you compare JWs to them. But if you compare JWs to the national average then we get a truer picture as it is from these that JWs would seem to have the most recruiting success.

    edit: JP I have some more things to share but out of respect for your thread I won't as you seem a little suspicious of my readings)

  • zeb

    Further to Tor1500.

    This bad pronouncing of names and terms from the platform happens here too. I recall some real bad ones at conventions where the talks should have been carefully rehearsed.

    I recall one bro doing a talk on Alexander the Great saying 'his armies moved in formations called parallaxes' .

    Parallax is a term of optics.When he meant phalanx. He was misreading the very material given.!There was no sign that anyone noticed the error.

    Others would stumble over simple terms and the cong would laugh Oh it was so funny (not) and another occasion the term brazier was pronounced as brassiere the full title for Bra.

    All this means the people concerned were probably lousy spellers poor readers with little lateral comprehension as they read.

  • cognisonance

    "Some College" could also mean associate Degree as "College Graduate" usually only means completing an undergraduate study (which a 2-year degree is not considered to be -- I would know as I'm trying to finish my undergraduate education after having earned an associate degree as a JW many years ago).

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The GB says "Keep 'em dim, they don't ask so many awkward questions that way".

  • jp1692

    This just in:

    Why you should seriously consider the merits of a college education:

    A 2013 study based on Labor Department statistics showed that Americans holding a four-year college degree made 98% more per hour on average than those without a degree. - (CNN Money)

    More recently, according to 2015 data compiled by the Economic Policy Institute, "college graduates, on average, earned 56% more" than those who only have a high-school diploma (USA Today).
  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    That's really interesting and not surprising at all!

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