JWs Among the Least Educated in the US

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  • vienne

    My mother converted to Jehovah's Witnesses late in life. She had two postgraduate degrees earned before she became a Witness. My youngest sister was a toddler when mother was baptized, grew up in the religion, finished high school and abandoned education to evangelize. Those of us who were older when mom converted did not accept the religion and have professional degrees.

    Witnesses wrong their adherents. Education matters, even for people of faith.

  • steve2

    As my mother said to me in 1969, "You don't want to waste your time training (I.e., doing an undergraduate degree), because we'll be in the new system before you even start your career."

    I have no doubt had my mother wanted to further her education in the 1930s (admittedly not common for females to have wanted to do so back then,) her mother would have said virtually the same thing.

    Ignorance unfortunately breeds ignorance - unless someone within an ignorant environment somehow manages against all odds to break out.

    Thank goodness I did.

  • jp1692

    Ruby: high school or less category lets them down as they have a massive 68% compared to the national average of 45.1%

    This only seems "massive" because it is for high school or less. Jews, Hindus and others that completed high school and then went on to college or higher are NOT reported in this category.

    I can't figure out if you're deliberately trying to spin these figures in an attempt to try to make them mean something they don't Ruby, or if you really do not know how to read and interpret the data.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Buuuut I would think Jehovah would make sure that his people would have the most brilliant minds, Jehovah's school of higher learning I was told there is no comparison.

  • Londo111

    And if they didn't break things down by ethnicity/religion, they would find JWs the least least educated of them all.

  • LongHairGal

    I would not be surprised to find that what is at the heart of the JW religion's anti-college stand is that persons with a college education got into verbal confrontations with elders, etc.

    Word got around and the religion decided that Witnesses with advanced education were dangerous. I had an elder say to me years ago that people with college are "harder to counsel, etc." Probably not too many guys at the top had college. They felt inferior perhaps when faced with a R&F who could run rings around them. Can't have that.

    In my opinion, their ego and vanity is probably at the very root of this issue. So, they would condemn their followers to ignorance and poverty just so they can feel better about themselves.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I think most are just putting on that they are not educated, it's a sign of being pious...I have many professionals in my congregation, but when they get the mic. they sound so meek and mild...like butter wouldn't melt in their mouth...they sound mousey...but when out of the hall, they say, I'm a speech therapist or a teacher, yet when the society mispronounce a word, even the most educated will mimic the org...like Baruch, they say Barak...when it's really pronounced Ba'Ruk...there is a college in NYC, it's named Baruch too and pronounced Ba'ruk...once someone on the stage said Apost'tils...suddenly everyone in the congregation was saying it...uh? anything to be different...finally, I said it's pronounced Apost'sils...

    Again, I don't buy the uneducated mode...remember JW's are about image...won't do nothing unless they are seen...I bet you if the org. would give them hours or points for going to college....then they would be more educated...

    Many claim that all the literature is the same as going to college...really...NOT...


  • Londo111

    I remember when JWs would get neuron and neutron mixed up. Or organism and orgasm.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i remember when younger bros tried to be american.....

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    The anti-college stance goes back to the earliest days. I remember somewhere reading Russell's comments about college and they were all negative.

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