On Petition For A Writ Of Certiorari To The Court Of Appeal Of The State Of California, Fourth Appellate District, Division Two

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  • lastmanstanding

    So, Watchtower made their petition to the Supreme Court. And then Zalkin made an opposing position to the court as to why the court should not visit this case. And then Watchtower again responded to Zalkin.

    From Zalkin response to Watchtower petition. (Below)

    While the Constitutional positions taken in the petition [by Watchtower] are radical and overreaching, this Court need not delve into them before declining review because of the myriad infirmities with the petition itself, which is permeated with blatant misrepresentations and intentionally-deceptive omissions. [Liars] The petition makes no attempt to explain how any of its questions presented were properly preserved. (U.S. Sup. Ct. R. 14(1)(g).) Indeed, the Court of Appeal decision under review (“the Opinion”) did not address any of these allegedly “important” issues because none were presented to it. Nor does the petition explain why the Opinion meets any of the criteria for review identified in Rule 10. (See U.S. Sup. Ct. R. 10, 14(1)(h).) The failures to timely raise and preserve issues, and to comply with Rule 14, each present an independent and adequate basis for denial of the petition. (U.S. Sup. Ct. R. 14(4).) Given that Watchtower’s answer was stricken and its default entered, appellate review is limited to a consideration of whether the Complaint adequately alleges any cause of action. (Steven M. Garber & Associates v. Eskanderian, 150 Cal.App.4th 813, 822–823 (2007).) Watchtower refuses to accept this procedural posture. Instead, it asks this Court to resolve factual issues on a record devoid of facts and to accept factual representations that are either demonstrably false or lacking in evidentiary support because they were never litigated at the trial court level. Watchtower’s positions are inextricably fact based, and because of the default, the facts to adjudicate those claims are not before this Court. Given Watchtower’s disrespect for the legal system, penchant for violating court orders and habitual disregard for the rules of the court from which it is begging for mercy, it is not the litigant to champion any allegedly important issue before this Court. This is not a case that warrants this Court’s time.

    Imagine that you have three arguments that you want the court to consider, and that these arguments are sugar cubes. Imagine the court system is a rainstorm.

    You must preserve your sugar cubes. You have to get a big umbrella over them, else they wash away.

    So, Watchtower made their sugar cubes, and then put an umbrella over them. The court said the umbrella was the wrong one, and they took it away. Then the court system rained on them.

    ,,, bye bye sugar.

  • lastmanstanding

    Watchtower responds to Zalkin’s response to Watchtower petition. Think tennis.

    Watchtower argues that political types expanded, think of the umbrella again, only since Watchtower umbrella was taken, they hope to scoot under the fairy godmother of California umbrella.

    Then Watchtower goes on to complain that their own umbrella was taken away unfairly, when Watchtower tried to use the Clergy umbrella.

    I. There are no procedural impediments barring review. California expanded a cause of action that is the subject of constitutional dispute in federal and state courts throughout this country. California also deprived Watchtower of a jury trial by issuing terminating sanctions because Petitioner endeavored to protect citizens’ religious confessional and secular privacy rights. Watchtower consistently asserted the violation of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ federal constitutional rights involved in these issues in the lower courts, the denial of which are properly before this Court.
  • lastmanstanding

    My own opinion, and I am not a lawyer, but if the judges have an ounce of grey matter, they will shake their collective heads and call the bailiff to throw Watchtower’s fat ass out the door.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Yep, I totally agree----ARROGANT is a very appropriate word to describe the wt organization. No need to be humble when you're right---right?

    just saying!

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS's instruction to all congregations to destroy any written information about members who were pointed out or accused of sexaul misconduct with minors, is truly indicative to the corruption that is instilled into this organization from the top down.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, it does seem like a perfect storm!

    Let’s see...Besides the CSA scandals currently happening; the JW religion’s harmful stand against college/careers which leaves people broke in their old age unprepared for retirement; and the famous shunning routine (which is a form of emotional blackmail but which ends up breaking up families)...

    I don’t see how anybody could think this is a good religion to belong to. I hope all this dirt is exposed so that the whole world will know the real story!

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    LHG - there will be no rainbow after this storm, only carnage and destruction, I'm really concerned that if this whole collection of bad ideas puts it's paws in the air, it could be just too much for many of the devotees.


  • lastmanstanding

    Res bandi

    I think you are correct. What’s coming will bee tooooo much for many. I already see ‘tooo much’ when I look at so many dubs. They are getting to the edge.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Last Man - I have never seen such a high concentration of fragile people who are propped up by a condemned support structure. I will be interesting to watch.


  • lastmanstanding

    As I am writing this, I am communicating with several elders on the body who are dealing with a small issue that is twisting their guts. It doesn’t take much, mind you, they are all getting old and worn and burnt.

    I look at them, their wives in tears, their kids are often a mess, they are still working, in some cases, when they should be long retired.

    A few elders seem not to give a crap. They do whatever they want. Some have a sports car or a boat they don’t talk about... go on vacations, instead of sacrificing to the Borg.

    Same demographic in the publishers. Fakers and do whateverer’s... It’s a big ritual and either they are wearing out, or bugging out.

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