Trouble in paradise!

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  • Normalfulla

    Totally frustrated by the term " it won't matter we'll have forever to do it or get there "

    24 hrs in a day , think back to frontier living , life was hard yakka working to survive the coming winter etc so the stupid fantasy that jw have that this world as we know it with infrastructure and produce will still exist but they will be on 1 giant holiday is so primitive in its conception

    As sir82 said

    Raw materials for building ? Communication services? Air travel ? Waste treatment, food production? Duh the utopia every jw dreams of is exactly that. .. a dream

  • sir82

    Waste treatment

    LOL forgot about that one.

    What poor schlubs get stuck working the midnight - 8 AM shift at the sewage processing plant?

    20 billion resurrected people make an awful lot of shhhhhhhhaving cream.

  • Diogenesister
    Confusedalot Maybe they would be like the relationships currently within the wtorg: lacking empathy.

    Agreed. Perhaps it's already started, in a way, in their " spiritual paradise".

    sir82 Where does the power to mill those tools come from? Come to think of it, where does the electricity for those mansions come from? How does water get pumped into them?

    What, have you never watched "Little House on the Prarie"? From a water mill, of course!

    Peteza If I didn't take care of my aged or sick dog or cat, I would be thought of as a cruel person but God apparently intended for animals to get sick and grow old and die.

    And Pete the more we learn about animals, ie that monkeys, Apes, Elephants, dogs etc have " mirror neurons" or are built to feel empathy just like us, the crueler this idea that they should suffer and die seems.
    Sir82's and Vidiot's horrific Vision of paradise Makes it completely sure, whether Wtbts are right or wrong, getting out was the right decision!

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh I love this thread topic!

    Great comments from everyone.

    So on the topic of musical instruments? If stringed instruments are made, will they use animal products to make the strings? (Catgut) Does that mean we will kill animals for our use??

    On the topic of waste treatment, I can tell you that after working at Bethel and seeing the infrastructure required to treat the waste from just the 400 people at the Australia bethel, there is a lot involved!

    Ah, unless of course, all these issues will be magically taken care of by a giant sky daddy.....

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    dont worry--the watchtower is full of shit.

  • Diogenesister
    NormalFulla(jw vision of paradise is) so primitive in its conception

    Nuff said!!!

  • jwundubbed
    Will all the carnivores be transformed anatomically? If a lion is transformed into a herbivore would it still be a lion? Or will carnivores just not be there because of their sins?
    Most carnivores wouldn't need to be transformed anatomically. They would need a new set of teeth and a different structure to their stomachs. So, basically a little nip here, a tuck there, and some dental implants would work just fine.
    Will they have immune systems? If there is no illness will they need immune systems. And how much would the world need to change so that anything that can cause them harm will not be there?

    The easier answer is to give every living being a super immune system. Just make them superheroes but don't tell them. I mean... your basic Marvel Wolverine or DC Superman sans flight would work just fine.

    Will they have children? If they have eternal life will there be any need for children. Would they even have marriage? Would they procreate? No sex in paradise or is God just gonna make them infertile?

    My dad is a scientist. He said there was a really good reason why people can't have children then... and it isn't just because we will all suddenly lose our sex organs/genitalia (look it up) and become real life barbie dolls. If all life on earth continued to procreate but we no longer killed any animals and people didn't die... humans would end up packed into the earth with the animals like sardines first and foremost because of how prolifically the flies procreate. There is a phrase, 'to mate like rabits'... it isn't for nothing. Nope, can't have that. The earth would reach its tipping point and fall right out of the sky in less than a month!

    Will there be no pain or limited pain? If there is no pain will that mean that slapping someone hard wont be a sin because they cant feel it?

    Well, there are two things to address here.

    First, slapping someone isn't currently a sin because it hurts. It is a sin because it is taking violent action against another person. If pain = sin, helluva lot more things would be sinful. We could all incarcerate our coffee tables for sinning against our toes.

    Second, this may hurt your brain. When someone feels that 'tickle' sensation that makes them giggle they are actually experiencing pain. Their brain gets the signals mixed up and tells them that it is funny and they should laugh. So... with that in mind... would there even be happiness?

    Will they remember friends and family that "did not make it" and other bad life experiences? If we cant remember these things will it actually be "Me" that was resurrected?

    Serious answer: I was thinking about this just today. I've been marinating the idea of writing an Armageddon story and so I think about these things a wee bit more than anyone needs to. I was thinking about how TV shows never portray the grief of losing a character correctly. They have a day where everyone mourns. Good shows will bring up the loss in other small ways later on. But the reference to the loss and to the lost ones fade out until there is almost no memory of the person at all. In reality, I think we do something similar except that loss of someone really close takes way longer to fade and even after the fade we have moments where we just have to cry over the loss. But then I thought... maybe we don't have those moments where we need to have a deep weep over our bereavement. Maybe TV is more like reality than we would like to think. Maybe, when we have no references to that person... maybe then we really do practically forget them.

    I have to ponder this thought a little more.

    An eternity in paradise means an eternity of constant fear of doing something wrong and loosing everything in the second death? Talk about a constant axe over the neck!

    Um... I think you misunderstand the definition of 'eternity'. I think there is like a thousand years between the first and second death. Then... um... um... if God cannot lie... then he thinks up some horrible punishment for misbehavior because by that point everyone should be in line... Yeah... I got nothin'. I wish I had thought this one through when I was still in. That would have saved me a couple of decades of PTSD.

    Will those in paradise live like God intended and be naked? Imagine you are in paradise, its late afternoon, you and your family are watching the sunset and talking about how great it is to be in paradise. All of a sudden your neighbor Bob(naked) passes in front of you and drops his apple. He bends over to pick it up but it keeps rolling away and he just cant seem to get it (all this in plain view). Now you see the moon also!

    You have already forgotten the Barbie & Ken rule. Imagine if Bob looked like Ken Doll and bent over. Meh. Nothing to see folks. Actually, I might cry. How could God take away all our toys? Hasn't he punished us enough?

  • wallsofjericho

    Think of all the flies and maggots on all those dead carcasses !

    or will they also eat grass?

  • Vidiot
    Diogenesister - "...sir82's and Vidiot's horrific vision of paradise makes it completely sure, whether Wtbts are right or wrong, getting out was the right decision..."

    It's funny...

    After I started cluing into the TATT, but before I started to fade, I still reasoned that at least in the "New System" there'd be no need for the WTS anymore, so that whatever faults it had (particularly the ones I listed in my "vision") would be nonexistent and therefore moot, and I'd be free to live without ideological shackles.

    Then the Org mentioned that they fully intended to be around and govern the whole world forever (from Warwick, no less... how's that for a planetary capital?), and I realized what a hell their "New System" would truly be.

    My very next thought was, "jeezus, not even immortality is worth that... I'd rather get snuffed out in the Big A with my family".

    Morbid, I know.


    Nevertheless, it's always good to remember if you ever catch yourself thinking "what if they're right?"

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Somethings may be OK in paradise, Jehovah will DF all Vampire bugs. Think about it ,one can sleep outside in the forest without bug spray. No ticks or mosquitoes feeding on your blood.

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