Trouble in paradise!

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  • scratchme1010

    The more I think about it the less I like it to be honest!

    Please keep thinking.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    My picture of paradise was of quiet. People unafraid as well as the animals. I reasoned that if the bear was an omnivore, other predators could be that way too. Animal birth rates would slow down, the dead animals (and the dying) would be taken care of by previous carnivores now omnivores.

    I thought of people spending their time with families and friends, inventing, doing art, traveling. I could spend a lot of time just watching bugs and gardening.

    When the society came out with pictures of paradise being filled with meetings and studying yet more books - it reminded me of some twilight zone episode. You know, where you've sacrificed your money, time and family to get there - and it turns out to be another flavor of HELL.

  • sir82

    Not to mention, all the pictures of "paradise" in JW literature show mansions either already built, or under construction.

    How do the raw materials get to the construction site? Donkey carts?

    Who mills the tools needed to build those 20th-century 4000 square foot style mansions?

    Where does the power to mill those tools come from? Come to think of it, where does the electricity for those mansions come from? How does water get pumped into them?

    Who gets stuck working in the power plant? Or running the machinery that produces beach balls or umbrellas or whatnot? Why do they get the sucky job?

    If billions of people are resurrected, you're going to need mass-production of clothing, food, shelter, etc. Mass production = assembly lines, shift work, etc. Again, who gets stuck with those crappy jobs? And why them?

    You can determine that the whole thing is unsustainable with just 30 seconds of thought.

    And 8 million JWs are putting their lives on hold to "reach out for the real life".

    Sad, Pathetic.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    why still have meetings in this paradise earth? its very existence will prove god--and the watchtower--were right all along. it will be just one big congregation.

    no cars--therefore no need for roads. no colleges or universities. or hospitals. or police. or doctors. or nurses.

    in a few generations mankind really will have reverted back to the stone age. this will make jehovah happy.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Will I be able to swim with the great white shark,how about black market meats and sea food (no lobster for a beach party),beauty products for the ladies and who will provide the polyester suits for the brothers,will there be any reading material besides WT publication and finally will there be soft toilet tissue...
  • HiddlesWife

    Another subject/aspect: MUSIC. Will mankind be able, with utilizing 100% of their brain power (according to the BORG), and allowed to be innovative plus create new varieties of musical compositions, etc.? Or, will mankind have to listen only to Kingdom Melodies and the type or class (as in classical--though nothing wrong with this genre of music in itself) that the BORG has the R&F listen to now?

    If the latter in my question is to be a reality, paradise, as far as this art form is concerned, is going to be truly boring!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Why were humans supposedly created to live forever but animals weren't ? Does this mean animals will grow old and die and suffer the ravages of old age just as they do now? Will humans not feel sad when the animals they love keep getting sick or injured and dying throughout all eternity? Why would a loving God do that to the animals? If I didn't take care of my aged or sick dog or cat, I would be thought of as a cruel person but God apparently intended for animals to get sick and grow old and die.

  • Vidiot

    Let's be honest, folks.

    The WT Paradise Earth concept doesn't really hold up to even the most cursory objective inquiry.

    The more you think about it, the harder it is to think about.

  • Vidiot

    Something else I've said before, but think is worth reiterating...

    ...if the WTS were given control of a small country tomorrow, I guarantee you that within a decade, freedom of speech and religion would be nonexistent, advances in science and medicine would grind to a halt, any form of alternative sexual expression would be outlawed, creationism would be mandated in schools, divorce would be illegal no matter the circumstances, disfellowshipped individuals would be imprisoned or deported, and "apostates" would be sentenced to death without possibility of appeal or reprieve.

    Now picture that regime encompassing the entire planet.


  • LongHairGal


    The JW religion's paradise earth teaching never sat well with me.

    There were too many holes in the story and too many unanswered questions similar to the ones raised here.

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