Any ideas about what the ‘special’ talk is on Memorial Day?

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  • wannaexit

    As someone else mentioned. The flock will have the illustrious privileged of tuning in to the morning worship. I am thinking that one the gb will be doing.

  • Tenacious

    @blondie: Yeah, that was indeed weird. But, putting on my JW hat, I would have thought it was cool! My book study conductor was an excellent butt hole who'd give members an ugly look just for being late.

    @Spiral: I was bit out but even I was a bit skeptical that it would come to pass. Just one of many things that helped me get out. Thanks GB!!

    @APieceOfShitNamedTate: Yeah, looking back at these things they seem really silly. But then again the majority of things the JW's are made to do and accept are silly as well.

    @newsheep: Really?! Was it really 2010? Only 9 years? Wow, seems like 20 years ago! LOL.

  • Ding

    Maybe they will announce that Armageddon and the new system will both arrive invisibly and overlap each other...

    ... and Tony Morris bought a lot of scotch to celebrate the new light...

    ... but only the "anointed" are allowed to partake...

    ... and David Splane is putting a chart together to explain all this...

  • pepperheart

    Do more and give more money

  • FedUpJW

    Dear Brothers and Sisters...WELCOME to this SPECIAL morning worship boredcast (misspelled intentionally). We want to assure you that we the governing body "LOVE" you! This is a "special" boredcast because we now feel that this may be our last memorial with you "dear" Bruhh"-thers and SIS'-ters. We don't know, but it may be.... conclusion; please visit our website and take advantage of our "LUHH'-ving" provision for you to electronically donate.

    (If you can stand doing it picture Rubber Face Lett saying this)

  • punkofnice

    If it isn't a beg for money and doing more as Pepperheart mentioned, then it'll be something really boring and trivial. ....but they'll pretend it's an amazing thing.

    My bet....we want your moneyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • OnTheWayOut
    there’s a special interruption happening this Friday which has supposedly only happened once before when Rutherford announced Jesus’ ruling in heaven. Requires tuning into Meant to be this coming Friday before the memorial.

    So what was it?????

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