How delusional is Tony Morris actually?

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Respectful observer, I do find your comments about tight pants Tony quite disturbing. Even if he has awarded himself immortal life in the heavens with divine powers capable of controlling weather, it would only be a fool who would joke about it.

  • sparky1

    How delusional is Tony Morris actually?

    It appears that he 'fancies' himself as some sort of modern day Walt Disney of the Jehovah's Witness Cult. That in itself is pretty 'delusional'.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    TM3 laughing about being able to control weather:

    Further to what I said about TM3, it would be at this stage the average person would say to himself, wait a moment this is absurd, I'm not going to heaven and be able to control weather, that's ridiculous! The average non-deluded person would quickly wake up at the realization of the absurdity.

    If TM3 doesn't wake up now perhaps it's because he already knows it's a charade?


    How delusional is Tony Morris actually?

    If You Go To a WBT$/JW Assembly..And..

    All Your Chickens Die..


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  • Dunedain

    Lets think about that statement by Tony Morris, of him one day being able to control the weather.

    What he is saying, in effect, is that when he dies and is shot up to heaven in the blink of an eye, he will then have the power to stop thunder, and control the weather.

    So, based on what HE SAID, we can only assume that the OTHER "anointed" who have already died, are up in heaven, immortal, and with the "powers" that Tony describes.

    Well then, I guess the anointed must HATE Louisiana in America, with all the flooding. They anointed MUST hate the California wilderness with the lightning strikes causing forest fires. The anointed, are causing rivers to surge in Texas, drowning souls, and homes a like. BEWARE the next tornado in middle America, BEWARE the mud slides from rain, in South America, BEWARE the hurricane that hits the Eastern seaboard, BEWARE all the weather patterns around the globe that will kill thousands, this year alone.

    BEWARE it, because according to Tony, his "anointed" brothers up in heaven already, are controlling ALL THAT WEATHER.

    He's a fu#$ing idiot. Self deluded prick, who has no clue whats up. He believes his own bullshit. BEWARE Tony, pride is what befalls ones one destruction. BEWARE Tony, that YOU don't get washed away by your own anointed brothers raining down on YOU.

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