How delusional is Tony Morris actually?

by Festus 34 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • ttdtt
    I actually believe the JW's are looking forward to the birds pecking out the deads eyes. I really think they get off on this stuff. Who does that?

    Yea but they always forget that their own loved ones will be part of those getting murdered.

  • Stealth

    Tony longs for the day that he can smell the burnt remains from the flesh of human hotdogs!

  • Chook

    These magic seven believe that immortality is already bestowed on them.I have brother who is catholic priest he's more slain than bigTony. What I love is that half in heaven are supposed to be sisters yet sisters can't even bind elders book.

  • Chook

    I think all like minded on here should brave it and go to one final meeting of memorial and take emblems so we can get over the 144000 in one hit.What a laugh to see it in print the number of partakers

  • Finkelstein

    The GB today are just reiterating the doctrines which they themselves have mentally consumed .

    Their stated doctrinal program is already written out for them by previous GB executive directors of the WTS., they just have to regurgitate it all and watch how the open ears and eyes come and to be indoctrinated .

    Fear, death and destruction has a way of grabbing people's attention and when doing so helps to sustain power, control and position of a religoius organization made up of 8 million people around the world, its pays to spill out the fear repetitively.

    Fear can be exploited toward the ignorant as its noted. so most religions exploit human ignorance to their own means and purpose, the JWS is no different in this case .

  • pepperheart

    The 144 thousand is a good way to get people to do 60 hours a month

  • Vidiot

    Festus - "How delusional is Tony Morris actually?"

    Hard to tell.

    There an upper limit? :smirk:

  • Dunedain

    I thought the 144,000 were supposed to be princes who sat with Jesus to righteously JUDGE mankind.

    They were not to be executioners, or the ones who act out that judgement, they were simply supposed to help Jesus read mens hearts.

    This guys got it all wrong. You can clearly see the effect that having absolute POWER in this organization, has had on the GB's mindset. They are quite delusional. Clearly "puffed up with pride", and twisting scripture for their own gain.

    What they do not realize, is that the execution, and judgement, is reserved for THEM. They are the ones who have dragged Jehovahs name thru the mud. They are the ones who have brought tremendous reproach upon his name.

    The "keys" to the Kingdom were entrusted to them, and when Jesus comes back to inspect, then these GB members will learn the meaning of judgement, they will learn the meaning of execution. The second death shall be upon their heads.

    " Behold I see a white horse and its rider. "

  • Mozzie

    Let Tony lead the way, just tell him all the bad ones are wearing tight jeans lol

  • Chook

    Send big Tony a 144 million dollar cheque ,written to prince tight pants cashable only at the branch of God

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