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  • schnell
    There had to have been some sort of super-evolutionary process that almost instantly resulted in the tremendous variety we see today. However, this process wasn't really evolution because it only occurred within certain undefined "kinds" that trace back to the ark. What the ever-loving f*ck?

    "Adaptation." Yeah, I was on board with "microevolution but not macroevolution" for a while, but it was a bargaining phase. It bothered me then that so many witnesses dismissed evolution altogether and didn't try to understand it.

  • jwleaks

    I had the joy of discussing evolution with two JWs last year. They did not know who I was. I took the angle of defending evolution.

    One of the JWs said to me "there is no proof that one animal evolved into another animal. If apes evolved into humans then how come we still have apes?"

    I laughed to myself as I replied: "There is proof and it involves monkeys. One generation of primates, or monkeys, overlapped another generation of primates, or monkeys. Even though they overlap it is still the one evolutionary generation, the one species, an overlapping generation ... [pause] ... of monkeys. It was about 50 years ago that evolutionists developed the overlapping generation ... [pause] ... of monkeys to primates to mankind to help explain to religionists who could not grasp the truth about the truth. Since that time the overlapping generation has been used by countless numbers of individuals in an attempt to irrationally explain their teachings when logic and records simply don't exist or work. Surely you've heard of the application of the overlapping generation and how it applies to monkeys? One monkeys life overlaps with another monkeys life but they are still the same monkeys. They're an overlapping generation. You must be familiar with the overlapping generation ... [long uncomfortable pause] ... of the monkeys to mankind illustration?"

    The look they gave each other was priceless. I had to control every nerve in my body to prevent myself from breaking down in laughter.

    The overlapping generation

  • schnell

    @jwleaks LMAO

  • slimboyfat

    Has the extent of plagiarism in the blue Creation book been laid out fully anywhere?

    Yeah WT publications don't do extended argumentation any more. They just point to intelligent design type arguments and appeals to authority.

  • konceptual99
  • scratchme1010

    What an interesting thread. Didn't know much about the WT current stance on the matter. So they are just brushing off the subject? That's kind of pathetic.

  • TD

    The JW flavor of creationism is hamstrung by the belief in an all vegetarian antediluvian ecology. Even arguments that would be useful to them are off limits because of this second irrational belief.

    Simple example:


  • midnight

    What happened to the creator book from the late 90,s ? I loved that book it just disappeared ?

  • slimboyfat

    The Creator book was notable for its almost complete lack of discussion of evolution. It talks a lot about the origin of the universe, the origin of life, the meaning of life, the Bible and so on. Nothing much about natural selection, the fossil record, and all the things the blue Creation book majored on. It's as if they gave up arguing about evolution and retrenched with the cosmological argument, meaning of life and divine revelation.

  • midnight

    Were there any proven misquotes ? Also actual unfacts etc any link would be appreciated regarding " creator" book

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