Great refutation of Watchtower's "Origin of Life" and "Was Life Created?" brochures

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  • Third Eye Open
    Third Eye Open


    The essay linked above was written specifically to address the new creationist brochures that were put out by the Watchtower at this year's District Convention. The goals of the essay are the following:

    1. Explain the fundamentals of the philosophy of science so that people can understand why creationism (specifically the Watchtower's chosen flavor) is not science

    2. Refute the various claims the Watchtower makes regarding science (exposing out-of-context quotes, correcting logical errors , and pointing out scientific errors)

    3. Explaining basic concepts about how evolution works, the current state of abiogenesis research, and why philosophical design arguments used by the Watchtower fail

    The whole thing is thoroughly referenced to both the Watchtower's original sources (to show their dishonest quotations) and the relevant scientific literature so, as the WTBTS would say, "You can check the context."

    While the Society tried to be more transparent with their sources and has shifted their aesthetic style a little bit compared to their earlier creationist publications, they make the same mistakes and use the same old tactics. If (when, really) they run a public distribution campaign with this stuff, let's have something to hand right back to them or people that are interested in the topic.

  • Copernic

    Awesome !! Who did that ?

    This file should be added on the EvoWiki page

  • AnnOMaly

    That looks well put-together, professionally done. The author should put his/her name to it - even if only a pseudonym.

    It also appears to be written in a straight-forward manner that will make it easy for me to digest (being a complete novice in this area of controversy). I look forward to reading it.

  • PrimateDave

    I've just read through the first few pages and glanced over the rest.

    Wow! Absolutely fabulous!

    Get this one while you can, folks!

  • besty

    great work - welcome to JWN.....

  • jwfacts

    That is an incredible amount of work done in such a short time. I would like to add it to jwfacts as an example of misquotes done by the WTS. I would like to know the source so as to gain permission to post it.

  • besty

    ditto for freeminds...

  • bohm

    This is really solid! its even typeset in LaTeX, definately the work of a guy who know his stuff!

  • PSacramento

    This was a really great job by who ever did it, the author should take credit for all his hard work and research.

    One hopes that ONE day all religious people will be able to reconcile their faith with science.

    The only critique I have is that the wroiting is a bit "dry" and at times "overly" complex and that it could have been "dumbed down" for the genral auidence.

  • notverylikely

    That was an awesome doc

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