PIMO Bethel Elder Has Special Message & Speaks out

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  • Bartolomeo


    A diligent search will provide access to older publications if you know where to look

    And for those like me who don't know where to look? can you help me please?

  • Balaamsass2

    The lunch menu WAS a big deal at Bethel back in the day. Slivered Almonds, Brussel Sprouts, and Artichoke Hearts would have been a HARD NO by Couch and Krebs in the 70s. Too Expensive. Every meal was budgeted to the penny per Bethelite.

    Very unhappy wives, and affairs at Bethel? Not uncommon at any period.

    Over drinking? Yes. The tight stipend made being an alcoholic difficult to afford unless you arrived with money or had a generous family. I would have enjoyed more drinking while there, but my meager allowance wouldn't cover it. lol.

    Paranoid Governing Body and administration? Absolutely. I have never been around a more paranoid group of people. A bunch of old ladies.

  • fulano

    Yes Balaam. After a couple months I just got fed up with the eternal coleslaw. The worst was in june/july 1999 when a brother had donated a huge amount of corn to bethel.

    Daily you had served that pig food.

  • AudeSapere

    On page 5 of this thread Terry posted a link to a video that Ben Foard published earlier this year.

    In the video, Ben talks about the many layers of access to WT informational documents (public-facing and internal).

    The video is well-worth the 23 minute watch.

    I am re-linking here:


    For a small part of the video he mentions racism and segregated congregations.

    I remember segregated congregations in some areas of the US.

    We - new, normal congregation rank-and-file JWs - were told that the segregation was vestige of prior government mandates and 'The Society' was merely complying with 'the superior authorities'.

    Ben's video presents a little different context to that understanding.


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