PIMO Bethel Elder Has Special Message & Speaks out

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    I think we need to be more critical of these undercover exposes - they sound invented and I think believing and spreading them makes us easy targets for people who want to troll or build up a name for themselves as some leaker when they are anything but.

    I agree with Simon. There are too many holes in this special message :

    ''God, Jesus and the holy spirit''...Why is he using the word ''God'' instead of ''Jehovah''?

    ''And to any Watchtower spies on this sub: You are trapped in a high control group and an abusive, captive organization, guilty of human rights violations on an unprecedented scale.'' Why isn't he using ''we'' instead of ''you''?

    ''This has led to all sorts of issues at Bethel such as drugs infiltrating the facilities, alcoholism, broken marital relationships and unfortunately even cases of domestic abuse between married couples, just to name a few.'' I have a hard believing the domestic abuse part. I know it happens in many Jehovah's Witnesses homes, but inside the Watchtower Headquarters? Domestic abuse ( where many members live inside a controlled setting ) is too difficult to hide!

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    I wonder how many, if any, of these "new, younger Governing Body members" will claim to be of the annointed?

    If any future GB members do not profess to have received the special calling to JW heavenly life after death a.k.a "anointed"... that would represent a major doctrinal change for JWs since being "of the anointed" was a prerequisite for every GB over the decades of JW history.

    If WT opens GB membership to non-anointed JW men, they would have a vastly wider pool of candidates beyond the few odd-ball dip$hit "anointed" company men employed by WT today.

    However, seeing the WT modus operandi over many years, any men chosen as top brass leaders, whether "anointed" or not, will most certainly be megasaurus charlatans...

    This is unavoidable because survival of the JW belief system requires that level of delusional dip$hit driving force.

  • waton

    anointing is only one bite of crackers, one sip of wine away.

    At the beginning there was a 50 day delay between partaking and the shine around the head, then even partaking was dispensed with, for the military.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Real or not most of us could discern the climate at bethel. It is not hard to figure t h e great 8 brainstorm for ideas without holy spirit involved

  • Ron.W.

    It doesn't seem that long ago that our congregation was warning against having the internet or even a tv...

    How far things have come.

    Information is certainly much more freely available now - I agree we must be wary of the authenticity of the info we receive, but many many many from the top down to the bottom have found bethel to be a toxic place over many many decades!

  • Gorb

    Nothing new. We know already that jw.org is a businessmodel. Not relevant.


  • Vidiot

    I think the guy meant to convey that the pics - specifically, their dates - were to demonstrate that he really was in Bethel during lockdown (as he said, no one was allowed to come and go), therefore he really is a Bethel "insider".

    I could be wrong.

    As for using common XJW expressions, I was doing that (in private) long before I faded or came here... in fact, I was a little surprised that so many of 'em were already being used.

    Hell, from what I've read, the "rank-and-file" label originated AT Bethel.

    As to the allegations, I absolutely believe 'em... most are just further anecdotal evidence of stuff we've already known about for years...

    ...and if the GB isn't "paranoid" by now, they're even bigger idiots than some of us thought.

  • Vidiot
    Rules & Regs - "Why is he using the word 'God' instead of 'Jehovah'?"

    The more PIMO I was, the less inclined I was to use the word "Jehovah", back in the day.

    Rules & Regs - "Why isn't he using 'we' instead of 'you'?"

    Very few PIMOs actually think of themselves as part of the "we", anymore.

  • Vidiot
    "They are also already in the process of training potential new, younger Governing Body members. There is much speculation around Bethel as to when/if these new men will be announced as new Governing Body members, but time will tell."

    They will, at the very least...

    ...know that it's wrong...

    ...whilst believing it's true...

    ...at the same time.

  • James Jack
    James Jack


    I like your reasoning. I was starting to cuss about a year before I walked away. An Elder's wife came up to me and said my zipper was down and I said "oh shit", and we both laughed.

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