What Do Today’s Jehovah’s Witnesses Really Think?

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  • Fadeaway1962

    Any thinking Jws have left or are on here or are pimo .

    The rest just listen obey and are blessed (that would make a good kingdom song) that's why the hateful eight can change beliefs as an when it suits them and the sheep's just accept it with out question because they are being manipulated and controlled by talks and the printed page as to what they have to believe without question.

  • truth_b_known

    Growing up as a Witness in the 80s and 90s, we were expected to diligently study on our own and use the Theocratic Ministry School to be prepared to actively teach or defend Watchtower doctrine with scripture. Now the Watchtower does not want its member to do that. JWs are to be low-information laity instead of ministers of God's word.

    "Go to JW.org for the answer," is a cop-out. Such a scenario would make it easy to expose the Watchtower.

    Me: What do you believe as a JW?

    JW: Go to JW.org to find out.

    Me: I don't have access to the internet like much of the earth's population. Why would a life-saving work use such a strategy? Further, I asked what do YOU believe. Even if you believe what this website publishes, why can't you just give me the Reader's Digest version? It can only be because you yourself have not gone to this website. Otherwise you would just tell me. That does tell me that you are selling a product that you don't use. If you truly believe in something you can at least explain what you believe in. It is impossible believe in something that you are unfamiliar with.

    I am being asked by you to believe in something that you don't even understand or believe in.

  • zooooooo

    I had an elder call on me a couple of years ago. He had no faith in 1914 as the establishment of God's kingdom.

    In another country, I have a colleague, a witness who I have known for many years. They also have no faith in 1914 as a significant year.

    But they remain JW.

  • FedUpJW

    Jehovah's Witnesses? Think? Two phrases that definitely DO NOT belong in the same sentence!

  • minimus

    Very good thread! Maybe those 2 elders that said Jesus is our Mediator simply lied. Who would think you would know the reference points you mentioned ??

  • john.prestor

    Like they say, "Be as wise as serpents, and innocent as doves." That's their go to verse for theocratic warfare, right?

    Clever, deceitful but clever.

  • Jeffro

    It’s mostly just parroting and citing verses out of context.

  • Magnum

    Good question and good posts!

    JWdom for the most part stopped producing really strong, studious, analytical types sometime in the 90's or maybe early 2000s. The doctrine began to fail, and the higher-ups knew it. They lost their boldness and got scared. They began to dumb things down. They began to almost discourage analysis, questioning, deeper study, etc. No more of the days that I remember as a child - hearing well-studied and well-read adult JWs sitting around the pool at night after the district convention discussing the king of the north, deeper prophecy, etc.

    It seems to me that JWs are sort of in a hazy limbo - a state of dazed confusion. Think of some land that was supposed to win a war, but didn't. It has been bombed and conquered. Buildings are destroyed. Rural areas are in smoke. Its citizens are wandering around in dazed confusion thinking something like "It might not look like it now, but we're still gonna win this." They just can't allow themselves to accept reality. They won't give in. They rationalize. They can no longer strongly defend the motherland because they are torn inside and confused and don't really know what to believe. They know something is wrong, but can't/won't admit it.

  • pistolpete

    They just can't allow themselves to accept reality.

    Because if they allowed themselves to accept reality-----------it would mean that they are absolutely screwed


  • Vanderhoven7


    Excellent post. Using it now on the Jesus Witness forum.

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