What Do Today’s Jehovah’s Witnesses Really Think?

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  • minimus

    When I was a Witness I KNEW what my beliefs were and could defend my views, even if it really was wrong. I understood JW doctrines . I could define what the faithful and discreet slave was. I could refute the trinity belief.

    What does the Jehovah’s Witness of today really believe in? Old timers believed you MUST go from house to house and meet physically at the Kingdom Hall. Now, that’s not happening. We were told of all the Witnesses working underground and still never missing a meeting. Now, today’s JWs need not worry about it.

    Bottom line : what are Jehovah’s Witnesses all about?

  • mickbobcat

    Video, zoom, and streaming cult content.

  • Ding

    "What are Jehovah's Witnesses all about?"

    "The truth" = Whatever the GB says today

    No need to understand, just a need to constantly keep up and forget you ever believed otherwise

  • minimus

    But do most Witnesses know what they believe in?? I remember how Jehovah’s Witnesses would always come down on Catholics because Catholics did not know the Bible. They didn’t understand anything other than what the church told them to believe in. It seems like they are no different. I don’t see Witnesses today in a meaningful way. There’s nothing special about them.

  • Overrated

    My Brother is all into Jwism can not explain or defend his believes if his life would depend on it. His response is Jw.org for everything. Very pathetic!

  • Rocketman123

    If you want to remain in the JWS social environment you have bullshit the theological propaganda the WTS/JWorg. makes.

    Same old same old

    The JWS will return to their former operation once the virus problem dissipates.

  • Ding

    Why has it changed, Minimus?

    My thought is that if JWs are able to explain and defend their beliefs, they're more of a danger to the organization when "new light" abandons that understanding.

    Then, too, some of the "new light" is simply incomprehensible and impossible to defend, such as overlapping generations.

  • john.prestor

    They're told not to think, right? Maybe a better question is what do Jehovah's Witnesses parrot (your question is valid, minimus, I'm just rewording it). In my experience JWs know a lot of verses and can talk about "spiritual things" at length, but those "spiritual things" always amount to or go back to the Governing Body's teachings. They don't always say that or present that when they talk about their faith, but that's the reality of it.

  • zooooooo

    what do they think?

    It baffles me. Someone of my generation, those I knew as teenagers, how they remain JW I truly don't understand.

  • JeffT

    But do most Witnesses know what they believe in??

    No. A few years ago two men (had that look that made me think elders) came to my door. I've moved several times so they had no idea I'm an XJW. They introduced themselves and said they were JW's. I stopped them right there and told them as a Christian I can't follow a group that doesn't accept Jesus as mediator for all people. He said I was mislead, they believe he is.

    Me: when did that change?

    Them: We've always believed that.

    Me: There are two QFR articles in the 1989 Watchtower that say differently. Why don't you check on that and come back, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

    Never saw them again. I suspect there are other issues where they don't know what their own religion teaches.

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