Solicitors Appontment Tomorrow - Advice Appreciated

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  • Ding

    Take along whatever info you have.

    Info on shunning and the WT custody publication.

    Better to have it with you and not need it than to need it and not have it with you.

  • exjwlemming

    Bring some popcorn and cue up John Cedars' "Worst Convention Ever." The bunker and shunning videos would speak volumes.

  • humbled

    The picture in my book of Bible stories that shows Abraham with his knife over Isaac.

    The words you read to a child – the words are horrific. God tells Abraham :

    ”kill and burn your son.”

  • jwundubbed

    Consider showing the new 'kids videos' that teach children to behave with hate towards homosexuals and asks kids to give them their ice cream money. I mean, those videos alone have some pretty terrifying messages. When some of them went viral there were some very concerned commentary. You could look that up. One of those told kids that people would die if they didn't behave the JW way. That alone is pretty damning and explains how JWs see and treat children.

    If you know anyone with experience in it, you could get some testimony from people who have divorced and have children and where the children were encouraged to see their non-JW parent as evil. Some short, concise testimonials that give facts and don't go against the JW doctrine would be good.

    Courts often find in the favor of the mother. That just is the way it is. If you can prove that the behavior of mother and others would be damaging to your child then you might have a case. If you try to talk about dissuading your child from the influence of the religion's doctrine you will have a problem. We know it is a cult but it isn't recognized as a cult in most of the world. Don't fight religions and rights to religious beliefs. Fight dangerous behaviors that harm your children, and their relationship with you.


    After reading your other post about the communication problem. I think that should be your number one point to your solicitor. You have shared custody of your daughter. That your wife is willing to leave your child in the care of people who refuse to speak to you or have any communication with you would be a sign of abuse and would be a concern for any adult. She doesn't have the right to allow other people to breach her contract with you. I think you should leave the religion out of it completely, unless specifically asked. Talk about the behavior that concerns you. Don't talk about it as being disrespectful to you, as people have the right to be disrespectful. Talk about it in terms of safety and parental rights. Also talk about it in terms of what was agreed upon not being done... that is a breach of contract even if the contract was only verbal. Write down and document each and every instance. This will help you with your lawyer and if it goes to court. When you document it, keep it to the facts. Keep a note of or copy of any documentation that you had between yourself and your ex-wife as to what you agreed would be the approved behaviors.

    Take all religion out of it. Make it about the contract, about your rights, and about behavior that is dangerous or troubling, and in breach of any contract you have made (verbal or written or whatever).

  • JRK

    The "Custody" brochure would be good to take too.


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Show the video where the mom gets a phone call from a DF'd daughter, looks at her husband, and sets the phone down. The girl looks sad, and wonders why they won't answer.

  • John Free
    John Free

    And then there was the listen at meetings or die video, designed for kids:

  • carla

    here is a link to the jw custody packet

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