Bathing Daily Doesn’t Help The Planet

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  • minimus

    The New York Times as well as other news agencies are reporting that in order to help save the planet we should limit our daily bathing. They say daily bathing really because popular in the 20th century because elites decided to impress and use petroleum based soaps and take advantage of their indoor plumbing. A lot of this daily bathing ritual was just for show. The article went on to encourage people to go back to the old way and take a weekly bath and during the week go to the sink and give a little extra cleaning in other areas.

  • Rocketman123

    What about saving us from the bad BO and stink ?

    There are lot of benefits of bathing and not just about cleansing the skin and unpleasant odors, such as breathing in steam to help cleanse are lungs, warm bath help to calm are nerves helping us to rest and sleep better too.

    There are viruses and bacteria that attach to are skins that can be washed away as well.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Shower with a friend. On the lawn.

    Note The petroleum based soap.

  • Diogenesister

    Strip wash!.That's what we called it when I was a kid. Kinda funny and has other connotations now (or is that my mind?!) We bathed weekly and had a strip wash every day by the sink. That is until I became a young teen and like X Ray Spex said:

    🎼"she's a germ free adolescent,

    cleanliness is her obsession,

    cleans her teeth ten times a day, scrub away scrub away scrub away the S.R. way..."🎷🎶

    So started to shower daily and My grandma thought I was nuts. She told me I'd "strip all the oils from my skin and age prematurely"😂 Funny though to this day I only use soapless soap on my face and soap in the shower underarm, feet and private bits. Arms, legs and most of the torso just get the water on them (unless I'm muddy from sport etc) and I don't really have any wrinkles for my age so maybe she was right...???

  • SouthCentral

    I knew a witness that had a condition called TMAU (trimethylmaneria??). It caused him to have a bad body odor despite bathing several times per day. The brother said how critical it was to bathe or the odor would be worse.

  • Vanderhoven7

    For those who wish to get rid of BO that hangs around after showering...including foot odor....apply apple-cider vinegar to offensive areas once a week while in the tub moments before you shower. You won't believe the effect. Thank me later....or at least your wife will.

    I am Vander and I approve this message.

  • mynameislame

    SouthCenral, I believe the show Freaks and Geeks brought up trimethylmaneria and it seemed a lot more understanding and loving than "the brother's" comments.

    On a side note I saw an article that mentioned we might want to think twice before replying to an email with "thanks" because of the wasted resources. Kind of ironic since email was supposed to be the savior of the planet since we wouldn't need to print and send paper documents anymore.

  • minimus

    It just may be that the woker you are the smellier you will be.😷

  • Biahi

    I’ll just continue to bathe at night, and shower in the morning, thank you.

  • WTWizard

    Nothing is "good" for the planet--at least as long as humanity is still alive. That is, for the reptilian race that is moving in on us. They want the planet conditioned so they can move right in, and right now it is not.

    But for everyone else, so what. Every drop of water used ends up somewhere else. You "use" water, it simply goes somewhere and ends up right back in the environment. Yet, they wish to limit the use of this resource. And, of course they say nothing about the huge amount of damage single use face masks do to the environment--I have seen more of those things littered during the past year than I can ever recall (I prefer reusable masks, if I have to wear them at all). Or, what about all the plastics that end up in the oceans? Straws that started from McDonald's. Cheap junk that is designed to break after a few uses and then you need to buy another one (or expensive junk that is programmed to become unusable after just a few months so you need another one).

    Maybe it's time to stop distracting people with their water "usage" and worry more about items that are intended to break or become unusable after one, or a few, uses. And start holding companies responsible for producing this trash or programming certain items (iPhones, for instance) to become unusable after a couple of updates.

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