The elders came calling. 😹

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  • Ron.W.

    Good point Stan.

    They don't mind asking publishers for money, but they certainly don't like publishers asking for money!

  • DesirousOfChange

    I don’t know weather I take their lack of interest as an insult, or as a blessing, as I allowed me to slip out the back door with pretty much no effort. ~ Joe

    That has pretty much been our experience too. OH! I feel the love! haha It's kind of amazing how quickly they will kick you under the bus.

    MissDaSilva -- I agree with Joe that it has proven advantageous to have avoided any formal expulsion as opposed to have simply faded into the "stumbled and inactive" status.

  • MissDaSilva

    “Kick you under the bus.” Brilliant description. 😹I’m actually amazed I can lie down in bed at night with all those knives in my back. 🎄😆

  • joe134cd

    Desirousofchange = It’s kind of hard to explain my exit from the JW’s. I have spoken of this quite often in previous posts over the years. The best description I could give is been up set that you weren’t invited to party that you didn’t want to go to in the fist place. Don’t get me wrong, elders were the last people I wanted to talk to while transitioning from PIMO to POMO. I’m convinced, had I of, I would have been DFed as an apostate. But after a consistent effort to the cult over 4 decades, it would have been nice to have known that I was given some thought. That’s why I’m thankful my exit was reasonably stress free, compared to other experiences I hear of. So far I’ve never even been close to 2 elders knocking on my door and I’ve had girlfriends who I’ve been spotted with. So much for going after the lost sheep,

    It confuses me really. How an organisation that is so HELL BENT! on recruiting members. Spending (allegedly) billions of hours recruiting, and yet it dose so little to keep its existing members. I went to a sales meeting the other day and the speaker made an interesting comment, “it takes 5 times more effort and money to get a new customer than what it takes to keep an existing customer happy.” Wt could learn from this.

  • Phizzy

    Just another tip, it may be that after one or two or more attempts to meet with you, the Elders decide to send a Letter. That happened to two people who used to post on here, what they did, because they knew it would give them the most satisfaction, and the result would be the same, was to NOT open the Letter, and merely return it by Post to the K.H.

    I hope though you are able even now to "fade", Elders are lazy bastards, and if they decide you are not a "Spiritual danger", they may just leave you alone, here's hoping !

  • Ron.W.
    Elders are lazy bastards,


  • Vidiot
    “it takes 5 times more effort and money to get a new customer than what it takes to keep an existing customer happy.”

    Ah, but the WTS has always valued growth far more than its ability to retain members as evidence of its legitimacy.

    Not to mention that it’s also tended to view the membership as an army more than a fellowship… and in authoritarian regimes, troop morale takes a distant backseat to discipline and order.

    And they definitely don’t regard the rank-and-file as anything like “customers”.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Many years ago, when it was clear I was no longer interested in being a JW, a couple of elders called and asked to come over for a shepherding call. I said they were always welcome as long-time friends, but NOT as elders. They were welcome to drop by, but nothing JW-related would be discussed. Crickets...

  • Vanderhoven7

    Great response UTR. You are in control when you limit the conditions.

    My guess is that they won't make the visit if they see you are not afraid of them.

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