We missed you at the meetings...

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  • punkofnice

    How many times have you heard that trope?

    I found it more irritating than a dose of farmers on the bum. I've even said it when I was a brainwashed jobo drone. Why didn't I say, 'I've missed you in Tesco'?

    I know it's cult manipulation now.......but.......how the heavens gate did I repeat it, without knowing it was just a propaganda technique?

  • tiki

    I missed staring numbly at the back of your head while some drone rambled on repetitively......

  • zeb

    and the other one, "I/we haven't seen you in ages.." my reply.. "Still live in the same house."

    We did a big move years back and there was some who said they would keep in touch who have phoned me twice in all these years both times for another bros phone number. and yes I have called them at least in early days but they kept coming the 'party line' not having a thing else to talk about.

  • ttdtt

    Anytime I run into a JW who doesn't try to pretend they didn't see m.

    I have told people -"well I still live in the same house have the same phone and email. If you miss me, just come and see me."

  • punkofnice

    tiki - That's more like it.

    Zeb & ttdtt - Similar to what I said to someone once. 'Then why didn't you call or visit?' Yep. hey regurgitate the 'party line' indeed.

  • venus

    They don't know such probing stifles one's joy--still they ask. They don't know no one misses meeting for no reason. They are yet to know the meaning of Mat 7:12

  • punkofnice

    venus - stifles indeed. If they 'did unto others' a lot would change. But as it is, it's a money grabbing scam of a cult. they don't listen to scripture.....just what their governing body bully them into believing.

  • Finkelstein

    When people deeply believe of what is being read or spoken about at JWS meetings, its only logical they would say things like this to ones who were once attending, even if they don't personally believe in everything about the religion.

    Add in the socialized factor of JWS only to associate with other JWS and you start to see why JWS talk and say certain things.

    JWS have blinders on their heads where they can only see the good of the religion, oblivious to the harm this religion can cause.

  • venus


    You put nicely; "JWS have blinders on their heads where they can only see the good of the religion, oblivious to the harm this religion can cause"

    This is the trait of an average human being who is quick to notice other's mistakes and notice own good points. This trait is seen on the organization collectively.


  • OneEyedJoe

    They say that because they're specifically told to say it from the platform. They're not putting any thought into it, they see someone that they haven't seen at the meetings and their little JW program kicks in and out comes the words they're programmed to say.

    Even better, though, is when they actually set themselves up by pointing out that you've missed a few meetings lately. Back when I was still going to some meetings infrequently, this almost made it worth it. I'd just quote one of the best lines from office space:


    The resulting uncomfortable silence anytime I did that was wonderful.

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