Is Child Abuse An Issue That You Personally Have Seen In The Organization?

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  • dugout

    WOW got to make this short. Yes I was involved in a case as new elder, committee meeting where this sister had come forward to admitting to committing adultery. Her husband sat in on the meeting. If fact this sister whom I known for over 20 years, had committed fornicationearlier, had a baby was disciplined then, Before I even thought about being an elder. Anyway these two brothers seemed to me had it out for this sister. These two elder had about 20yrs each of experience each. Me? about 3months. Finally at the end of the meeting she broke down crying and said she was molested as a teenager by her father, who by the way was a well respected elder in this city. I mean even I liked him. real good speaker father of four girls. But I always had in the back of my mind that something was little off. anyway these brothers of my knowledge did nothing. yes including me. They just concluded that she was lying. She was disfellowshipped. Later her father passed years later with that secret..................Here's the tragic part. Going back 20 some odd years my wife told me when I first met this brother( we were newlyweds at the time), she told me his daughter accused him of molesting her, (this was my wifes exact words and ill never forget it) tHE ELDERS new then but just handledit Yes I still live with that.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    In all three congregations I served as a elder I knew of several cases in each one. And I am sure the three other congregation I was in not as a elder had the same problem. Still Totally ADD

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