Is Child Abuse An Issue That You Personally Have Seen In The Organization?

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  • silentbuddha

    In my NJ Congo there was a brother who married a woman then molested her brother and sister. Later come to find out he molested 4 other people in our sister ccongo... he went to jail.

    In Florida there was a brother in his late 60's who was caught with candid pics of the service overseers daughter in the trunk of his car. Later he admits that before he was a witness he was a molester. He does shortly thereafter and the entire body refused to give his memorial talk.

  • blisterfeet

    I knew a few.. 3 to be exact. I mostly figured it out when they molested me.

  • minimus

    There was a guy that was a JW in the 1970s and my daughter was just a baby. Everyone in the Hall would hold her. But anytime he would, she’d scream bloody murder. Babies and animals have a special sense to detect .

  • zeb

    Good grief!

    all the more reasons for the USA to have an inquiry of its own like the ARC ie a 'congressional inquiry.'

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    A relative was molested by her stepfather for 7 years! Five to twelve.. When her mother found out, she went to the elders who told her not to speak of it since there was only one witness. She divorced his ass. He started dating a DF'd woman with two little girls. My sister took a chance and warned her about him. The woman refused to believe her and accused her of being jealous. So she married the pig and he proceeded to molest the two daughters. He was DF'd, arrested and is now old, demented in a home and dying. Couldn't wish it on a bigger prick. Only one member of that family is still active but they are POMI.

  • former2free

    I don’t want to come off wrongly here but I hope one of the ex-elders here gets called into a court hearing about a case and can expose the watchtower for how badly they direct them to handle these cases. I don’t want anything to happen to this person of course but he would have an inside knowledge and be able to speak without watchdog looming over his statements and hopefully give the court system a big awakening to these cases and then get more people to stand up.

  • caves


    I think elders who don't report to the police should serve jail time as well. Some here may not like that comment but I really don't give a shit.

    I can walk into a hall and pick out the molesters. Its sick.

    And to think that I still have lingering cogitative dissonance at times is infuriating.

    When my son was little or being around any child for that matter , In my most horrid of hells could I never imagine how someone would even go there in their mind. Much less in practice or a screw up. That's a pretty big [email protected]#% up. Worthy of a violent death!!!

  • tiki
    tiki very notorious case...a young pervert babysitting a young child of a single mom.... nice work for a pioneer....isn't he wonderful how he loves the little boys and takes them under his wing. Oh and yes...aside from the proverbial slap on the wrist he totally got away with it.

    Then there was one of the lords anointed back in the day who tried to get at me....and I got away from him physically. Scarred nonetheless. That's when I knew the whole heavenly class was a crock.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    One elder in my old hall was disfellowshipped for molesting boys. Another 'brother' who was in our current hall was charged and imprisoned for historical abuse of several girls including his grand daughter. He was at one time an elder (the elders in several halls never reported this pervert to the police)

  • flipper

    Years ago I attended a new congregation where there was a child molester who had been getting away with it for over 30 years while molesting at least 7 victims.

    One day after the WT study concluded , a middle aged " brother " ( not an elder or MS ) ran up to the stage and grabbed the microphone from the WT elder conductor and screamed into the microphone to the audience of over 150 that " brother so and so sitting over there is a child molester and has molested 7 children through the years. If you love your children you'll protect them from him ! " He was pointing at the molester in the audience.

    The WT elder conductor grabbed the microphone from the " brother " and told the audience " brothers & sisters we are handling this situation as elders right now so it's being taken care of . " So long story short- the molester DID get dfed and he did go to jail for his crimes. However his JW wife stayed married to him and would visit him in prison. Weird.

    But the " brother " who had the courage to inform the congregation became my new hero ! It took a lot of courage to do what he did ! And it wasn't until some years later that I understood how the elders try to hide this child abuse from the congregation - and I came to understand WHY this " brother " felt the need to expose this child molester to the rest of the congregation. The elders sure weren't going to inform JW parents about the molester ! So this guy took it upon himself to do so. Impressed the hell out of me even when I was still a JW . Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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