2018 Service Year Report

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  • sir82

    Ah, OK, I interpreted the "hidden" part referred to finding the report on the website.

    If "hidden" means "they are not reporting numbers that they used to report", then yeah, definitely hidden.

    I guarantee you they still calculate all those numbers, plus lots more interesting figures that they would never in a million years publish.

    For example, I'm virtually certain that the number of American JWs attached to English-language congregations has dropped precipitously over the past 15-20 years. That decline is masked by the increase in JWs attached to American foreign-language congregations - some of that due to "reaching out" JWs switching over, but mostly due to immigration (both JWs moving in from other countries, and the relative success of conversions possible when preaching to recent immigrants).

    I am virtually certain - I have no numbers to back it up, because they don't release them, but that is almost certainly the case.

  • _Morpheus

    I absolutely meant hidden as in making the numbers difficult to find. They used to publish the yearly stats in a wt study article. Then they moved them to the yearbook. Now they are hidden ( definition:


    1. 1.
      past participle of hide1.
    1. 1.
      kept out of sight; concealed. )

      On the website where one must actively look for them instead of them being force fed to you.

  • Dagney

    My "elder" brother keeps a spreadsheet on the statistics for all the years. Years ago he talked about the missing information for some of the years.

    I wonder if he will wonder about the current info he will be filling in. Or will cognitive dissonance kick in....

  • Diogenesister
    So much time spent "preaching"! So little to show!
    just saying!

    Its interesting this Christian pastor/lecturer has picked up on the fact witnesses walk so slowly going door to door (Pioneer shuffle!) and maintains they dont want to be in service but have to. Wow! Its from 25 mins onward he talks about it.


  • nowwhat?

    The gullible ones think all the growth is in Africa so that's where all the k.h.s are being built . a quick overview showed me for the counties in Africa averaged a 3 percent growth. Not bad but not enough to require k.h.s to be sold off

  • sir82

    On the website where one must actively look for them instead of them being force fed to you.

    "Force-fed" - you still had to open the magazine and read the article.

    Now you have to open the website and enter the right words in the search bar.

    Just yankin' your chain a little - Yes, they are obscuring the info, you really do have to purposely look for the report on the website, and hope you pick the right search words. The report used to be a centerpiece of an annual WT study article - far more prominent.

  • pale.emperor

    I cant find it. Does anyone have a direct link?

  • Ding

    They need a category entitled

    Hours spent at a cart talking to no one

  • sir82

    I cant find it. Does anyone have a direct link?

    Well, I guess that proves it was hidden!


    I did a search on "annual service report".

  • Rattigan350

    I'm interested in the congregation totals. In the past congregations have always increased, but last years the congregations in the USA went down by 462. I know of at least 4 congregations my home state that were dissolved so that number would go down even more. That's encouraging because the more they dissolve them the harder it is on the publishers.

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