2018 Service Year Report

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  • Rattigan350

    Is there any word on what the results are for the 2018 Service Year Report?

  • Finkelstein

    It appears the WTS only releases this on its own web site JWorg. now.

    I wonder what will be posted for North America and Europe.?

  • steve2

    You may recall that last January the JW org drip fed a few stats and in February put the country-by-country results with limited categories compared to the 2016 Service Year report

  • eyeuse2badub

    They are still trying to figure out how to twist the numbers to make it appear the there is a great increase! Yes jehober is surely "speeding up the work".

    The "work" that is now "speeding up" seems to be consolidating congregations and selling KH's.

    just saying!

  • pale.emperor

    It's not hard to fudge the numbers of preaching hours in the stats. All you have to do is let them start reporting even increments of 15mins - those 15mins all add up you know.

    Then let them count preaching hours PER PERSON even if they're just standing next to a literature stand.

    Oh... wait...

  • Onager

    I can give you my report:

    Hours - 0

    F**ks given - 0

  • _Morpheus

    Yea the stats are hidden now. Clearly they see the trends and decided to start de-emphasizing the stats while they were still showing marginal growth. That way when the stats actually show decline they have been hidden for a while and its not obvious

  • sir82

    I wouldn't say they are "hidden", they just don't make it easy to find.

    The sneakiest thing they did, IMHO, was to stop reporting "average" publishers in the year-end report and instead publish solely the "peak" numbers.

    As any ex-secretary will tell you, the "peak" numbers are a gross overstatement of the facts. The "peak" numbers include multiple reports from the same individual, "catching up on" months when he forgot to get his report in on time. The "peak" number can be 5, 10, 15% higher than the actual number of separate individuals who reported for a particular month.

    The "average publishers" report smoothed out any one-month aberrations. The "average" wasn't affected by whether Joe Nitwit turned in his January report in January or August. But if he turned in his January report in August, the "peak" number reflects that double-counting.

    EDIT to add: One might argue that if there are multiple reports from one individual in a particular month, there may be "missing" reports from some other publisher in that same month, so it might balance out. But, the service year ends in August. There is always a big push to round up any "missing" reports from prior months along with the August reports, so that the required "year end report" that is sent to Bethel is as complete as possible. For that reason, back when the KM published service reports each month, the "peak" was always in the month of August - lots of "make-up" reports, far fewer "missing" reports.

  • eyeuse2badub

    So much time spent "preaching"! So little to show!

    just saying!

  • steve2

    I wouldn't say they are "hidden", they just don't make it easy to find.

    The example you gave, sir82, of no longer reporting average publishers is an excellent example of "hiding" some numbers.

    Put it this way: If the average numbers were looking healthy, they'd include them in the service report.

    Also, am I right in saying they no longer include the country-by-country numbers for Bible Studies being conducted or numbers of pioneer publishers for specified countries?

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