What actually DID you learn?

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  • Rattigan350

    I hear them saying that they learn about Jehovah. I wonder what do they learn?

    It comes down to that he is God and created everything but ignored everything after.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    i learnt how to fart silently
  • Vidiot
    I've learned more in the past 8 years of fading than I did in over 30 as a dutiful JW.
  • Clambake

    Is it just me or is the WTS becoming so engrossed in personal doctrine ( 1914, Blood, FDS, End times chronology, Salvation though works, prophetic meaning of parables, overlapping generations) I don’t think the average JW could give you are a brief synopsis of any book of the bible.

    Nothing pisses me off more than spending 500 dollar for a three day assembly and later asking my wife what spiritual food do you get that and she doesn’t remember a dam thing.

  • Divergent
    I've learned more in the past 8 years of fading than I did in over 30 as a dutiful JW.

    And I've learned more in the past 1 yr+ of fading than I did in over 20 as a born-in JW

  • eyeuse2badub

    Ok, for starters, without even much thought, I:

    Learned that you can bang your daughters and still be considered 'righteous'.

    Learned you can bang your neighbor, have her husband killed, and be considered "a man after jehober's own heart".

    Learned you can bold faced lie and be chosen as the father whose 'offspring will bless all nations'.

    Learned 2 people need to 'witness' a child being molested.

    Learned that jehober loves massive animal sacrifices.

    Dang, I have learned a lot!

    just saying!


  • ThinkerBelle

    I learned that brothers giving public talks who haven't gone to college pull out all kinds of sciencey "facts" that are just bogus to try to "prove the Bible" to a house of nodding heads while I roll my eyes because he's totally wrong. No wonder they don't want us educated!

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    JWs posting on fb always say their meetings/conventions were great. I always ask them to share what they've learned or explain specifically what they enjoyed. Never once have I received an answer.

  • prologos
    public speaking. how to make a brilliant defense of an untenable proposition. , bible "truth"
  • smiddy

    First off , I did learn that Christendom had a name for God , Jehovah , Yahweh . I did not know that before hand.

    I learned a lot of scriptures that could be taken out of context to validate a J.W.doctrine

    As time went on I learned you could make the Bible say whatever you wanted it to mean .

    or alternatively

    You could make the Bible mean whatever you wanted it to say.

    When J.W.`s said something either in print or word it was evidence of Jehovah`s backing.

    When Christendom said the same or something similar it was proof they were false religion .

    I also learned they had a special hate for the Roman Catholic religion , the majority of articles against Christendom were leveled at the Roman Catholic Church .1960-1993 .

    I also learned that after 100+ years of witnessing , the majority of householders would have no idea what J.W.`s believed except for no blood transfusions.

    I also learned that J.W.`s have no respect or regard for there own history , falsifying it , changing it , mis-representing themselves ,hiding it , or just obliterating it.

    What organization is ashamed of it`s early beginnings., as J.W.`s appear to be.

    So , all in all , in answer to your question I think I learned a great deal , don`t you ?


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