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  • sir82


    Example number 13,852 of "the Bible doesn't mean what it says, it means what we say it means."

  • FedUpJW

    Jesus set the principle “...whoever is not against you is for you.”

    One person made that comment and finished with "because the Christian congregation had not yet been formed. Hence, it was not required that the man physically accompany Jesus."

    Of course brother unforgiving, rigid, uber-elder popped up with, "Now that there is a congregation the only ones that can be for us are in the congregation, no matter how kind, or helpful they may be. If they are not part of the congregation they are against us!"

  • FedUpJW

    I also noted that the WT used an incorrect term in this question, Lu 8:3—How were these Christians “ministering” to Jesus and the apostles?

    It wasn't until sometime later, according to the Bible, that they were called Christians. The WT can't even get THAT right!

  • Cadellin

    Interesting. I think the WT is contradicting itself because, if I remember correctly, hasn't it stated that God has ALWAYS had an organization on earth, in one form or another? So Jesus and his 12 would have been the earthly representation of God's organization on earth at that time, wouldn't they??? Therefore, their answer makes no sense.

  • waton
    that they were called Christians.

    not just called, You can not be called a "Christian" unless you are official anointed, which happened at pentecost, some time after the expelling demons thing. what demons?

  • steve2

    Question for JWs:

    If Jesus had intended for his answer to be confined to the time period before congregations were formed, but not after they were formed, would he not have said so?

  • lastmanstanding

    Good point steve 2

    I would like to, and I might, ask a JW “what would the Society say if somebody today was found performing miracles in the name of Jesus? We’re taking real, verifiable, guy had no legs and now he does, miracle. Not the Jimmy Swaggart kind.

    I am willing to bet that any and all dubs would say “it’s fake” or “it’s from Satan”. And if it happened in front of them such that the “fake” alternative was taken away, they would still insist on the “Satan” alternative.

    And in the end, if Jesus again walked the Earth, doing exactly as the first time, they would spit in his face.

  • waton
    And in the end, if Jesus again walked the Earth, doing exactly as the first time, they would spit in his face.

    Jesus if returning, in most wt congregations, would be disfellowshipped within 3.5 years as an anti-establishment, disrespectful to elders, independent thinking character.

  • sparrowdown

    Jesus had clearly not formed a greedy-for-money, power hungry, UN affiliated, pedophile protecting, lying, scheming, scripture twisting false prophet publishing house/real estate business yet.....

  • Diogenesister
    Perry The WT has never been able to get it through their self-inflated egos that Jesus Christ doesn't need them.

    LMAO 😂😂😂

    PIMC.... like it!

    Jesus didn't object to what the man was doing simply because he was doing good! Therefore he is "for" us.

    Anyone doing good is "for" humanity....just as Jesus was.

    Only Watchtower could find it in it's 'Pharisaical' soul to criticize those doing a good turn.

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