Black Lives Matter Flags To Fly Worldwide In US Embassies

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    under the radar

    George Floyd was a career criminal and habitual thug. Not a suitable role model for anyone. But more importantly, he was not "killed" because he tried to passed a counterfeit twenty. He was arrested for doing so, and then resisted arrest. He got so out of control that the cops took him out of the squad car and placed him on his stomach. His pre-existing medical conditions and his swallowing illicit drugs as he was being arrested are the real reasons he died. The cop's knee over his neck did not kill him.

    Still, it was a mistake to not raise him to a sitting position, and I fully agree that the cop showed a complete indifference to his welfare and a total disdain for him as a person. But it was not murder at all. I could agree it fits the description of negligent manslaughter with depraved indifference.

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  • minimus

    The cofounder of BLM resigned her position with the group because she , the Marxist anti capitalist was buying homes left and right spending millions! What a hypocrite! She’s blaming white Republicans for the situation she’s in. What a joke!

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