Black Lives Matter Flags To Fly Worldwide In US Embassies

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Dunno what that means - I'll explain it to you.

    George Floyd was a career criminal. He robbed people, he took drugs.

    All things that would lead to negative interactions with the cops.

    On the day of his death, he took drugs, allegedly used a counterfeit note, and refused to comply with the cops. The cops tried to arrest him and get him in the cop car, Floyd refused to get in the damn car.

    There is a pattern with all the recent deaths of black people by cops - George Floyd, Daunte Wright, Ma'Khia Bryant - and that pattern is: non-compliance with cops.

    So, if you play silly games, you win silly prizes.

    Ma'Khia Bryant's 'silly prize' was four bullets.

    Do you get it yet? lol

  • minimus

    I thoroughly understand it too now.:)

  • john.prestor

    I hear you but I want to stay out of this now. Hope the discussion goes well.

  • FedUpJW

    I see a number of thumbs down votes on the first few comments that seem to indicate someone who is pro BLM and anti- law enforcement. It must be the troll is back?

  • TruthMatters

    National Mugger Day coming!

  • minimus

    Lol National Mugger Day.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @John.prestor: George Floyd overdosed, he wasn't murdered. He died because he had too much fentanyl in his body, he was put under arrest for passing a fake $20 and then put under physical restraint because he was resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. That is a chain of events of criminal behavior only George Floyd himself is responsible for.

    The fact a jury was threatened to come to a certain conclusion or else they'd be killed, does not make for a fair trial.

  • minimus

    Someone can fairly argue that the cop killed him since he was found guilty. I do think that the ex cop may be successful in a new trial if it’s granted but meanwhile..

  • Overrated

    For one thing I support Blue before I would support black. We need police. Even though what happened to George floyd was not right. He was no prince. There is good cops and bad. Just need to weed out the bad. More training. Does not all lives matter not just one group?

  • Biahi

    I think criminals should realize that bad stuff can happen when you go out to commit a crime. Even shoplifting, or passing a bad 20. I heard about a local case where a guy shoplifted something and was being chased out of the store, he was running away, and a woman with a concealed carry permit decided to shoot at this guy. She missed, but my point is, when you go out to make trouble, you might just find it. Remember Michael Brown? He was not an innocent kid, no stealing cigars doesn’t warrant the death penalty, but shit happens.

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