How Effective Are Anti-JW Internet Sites?

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  • minimus

    LHG , I still think this is the best site to expose and explore JWs. I used to love watch tower observer. They had so much information on that site. I showed a friend of mine the contradictions that the watchtower were saying over many different subjects from that site. He was an elder and quickly stop going to meetings and became in active

  • joe134cd
    There has to be a catalyst that is the initial trigger, and quite often it’s the internet that finnishes them off. For me (oddly enough) my catalyst initially had nothing to do with apostasy. It was a question of the divorce rates in JWs, that was raised with me by a work colleague. Unable to find any meaning statistical data in the literature I was forced go on the internet. I was so determined to find an answer to this I can clearly remember thinking “if wt didn’t want me going into apostate sites then they should of said something”. Had they of , I would probably still be sitting inside the KH today swallowing all the BS, and over lapping nonsense.
  • minimus

    I’m glad to see for many it’s about facts, proof, truth.

  • Giordano

    I wasn't affected by this or any other web forum because they didn't exist in the mid 1960's when my wife and I left the ranks of believers and became 'nons' (Non affiliated with a religion) which has grown in numbers since those days.

    It's no longer who should or where should we go to find the truth? It's more about the truth is within us and it's a simple truth.......... we live and then we die. The real question is what do I do with the years I have.

    My life lessons are few and simple Perfection is the enemy of Good. A good life is worth living............ so do something about accomplishing that.

    Pay attention to people....... listen to what they say....really listen. Never believe lies........ develop critical thinking. It is a must to avoid bad things and to achieve a good life.

    I agree that most people who show up here do so because of a few factors. They have achieved a level of critical thinking that makes it difficult to stay connected to a high control religion.

    They no longer want to walk around with a suicide note (the NO Blood card) on their person. They can't see some 8 Billion people perishing because they are not JW's.

    They have experienced injustice or been disrespected by the Elders, 'the friends' or the Society itself. Bottom's not an organization that is respectful of it's members.

    BS does not mean a bible study.

    Others have been stumbled badly enough that they stop accepting the 'truth'and start to wake up.

    And then they come here where they can speak their minds, ask questions and come to understand that we can understand them and how they feel......cause that was us.

  • Tameria2001

    I think all depends on who is looking at them. First, a JW who is not even interested won't be on the internet looking for this type of information. But to those JWs who have questions, maybe someone said something to them in the past, maybe out in field service. Or there is just something that keeps nagging them at the back of their mind but is way too afraid of what would happen to them if they asked someone in the congregation. Also for those who have left or on their way out; sites like these can be very effective. If anything just having the information out there, and the proof to back it up, is extremely helpful.

    When I had some doubts, and I won't go into the details, but the anti-JW sites that I found had information using the Watchtowers own publications. The sites told me which book, which page(s), and exactly where I could find the information (and I doubled checked with the publications I had) I needed to confirm what was digging at me from within the organization. At the time I had books dating from back to the early 1950s. It's not that I have lived that long, it was just older witnesses had given me those books from that time period.

    I remember after I had discovered that I had been lied to, my first reaction was to throw everything away, and I did, a decision that I regret to even this day. Looking back, what I wished I had done was to give those books to someone who could put proper use to them, but I didn't.

  • minimus

    Giordano , beautiful post

  • minimus

    I researched a lot of publications and reasoned that we now have new light. That worked for a while until I saw that constantly changing, even within a few months! They could not make up their mind. And I should trust them?

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    This site and others like it is kryptonite to the watchtower and they know it. Who these days buys a new car, chooses a holiday destination, let alone a major life change etc without surfing the net for the experiences of others??

    This is why the general distribution watchtower is now being dumbed down even more, because people with a high literacy level are big internet users and people with lower reading skills are not.


  • eyeuse2badub

    Not just the anti jw internet sites, but the internet by itself helps people gather information from many sources. Reason and logic kick in and vola!

    This site in particular helped me to realize just how large and invasive the apostate army is!

    just saying!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I felt something was wrong about "the truth" and figured that I was spiritually strong enough to literally Google "Jehovah's Witnesses." I went to any and all sites in the links.

    Randy Watters had a great site that included a thing called TALK SOUP which linked discussions on jehovahs-witnessDOTcom. Between that and jwfacts, I was fascinated by the things I learned. I had known nothing about Ray Franz or the Governing Body making decisions by a majority vote. The scam over a parking fee at conventions hit me hard because, although it never became a big issue, the exact same thing happened in South Carolina, and I always wondered why collecting money was so hush-hush.

    You just never know what a JW needs to discover, but I agree that they are already generally ready to find fault with Watchtower.

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