How Effective Are Anti-JW Internet Sites?

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  • Simon

    Not just the anti jw internet sites, but the internet by itself helps people gather information from many sources. Reason and logic kick in and vola!

    Unfortunately, the internet is just as efficient at disseminating cult propaganda, fake-news and misinformation. In fact, it's probably more of that now than the dry information resource it once was (if ever, maybe it's rose-tinted spectacles).

    If the internet was truly an inoculation against cults, then they would cease to exist but the reality is they are thriving.

    The Mormons advertise in the programme for the show The Book of Mormon that ridicules them. It's all just publicity and however much negative information there is about them, someone will find it appealing and sign-up or else they wouldn't advertise.

    I don't think the internet is the threat to them that many imagine which is why they are now embracing and using it as well.

    The thing it is good for is allowing communication and support networks for people who do decide they want to leave (plus the information to help them make a confident informed choice).

  • Betheliesalot

    I liked JT,s Critical Thinking videos as he still looks like an elder and as an air of authority in his appearance that adds credibilty to his and Lady c,s site. Since he came out of bethel, he earned his credibility the hard way.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think an active, loyal JW would find anti-JW sites as "Satan's tool" and take it all as lies. It's only after they personally had a bad experience that undermines their faith and conviction that they are able to look at anti-JW sites with an open mind or curiosity. Then they see that "apostates" are not "mentally diseased" crazy people, but rather are just like them -- stumbled, disturbed, or abused by something or someone in authority in WT Land.

    One domino is all it takes for the rest to tumble.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    How Effective Are Anti-JW Internet Sites?

    There was a time when WT said immorality was reason #1 for disfellowshippings. WT's isn't soo much concerned any longer with rank & file having hankie pankie. WT's #1 concern today has shifted to the anti-JW engine that's running circles around the organization...and anti-JW sites like this one along with JW Facts, Barbara Anderson, John Cedars, You Yube and a ton of others are a major thorn in their side.

    Anti-JW sites and the VAA (Vast Apostate Army)...not fornication are going to reduce WT to a nothing-burger in due time...Yay!

  • jwundubbed

    I was out of the cult for 20 years when I first looked at a ex-JW site. It was this one by the way. I don't think of this website as an anti-JW site, though it probably is. I think of it as the one place where I can talk to people who understand where I come from. They understand how I grew up and the problems that I still face even though I have been POMO for two decades. I can't find people like that anywhere else in the world. I don't even trust real people I meet who used to be JWs. I can't be around the people I grew up with even the ones who are out now.

    So, the anti-JW sites may or may not be effective in terms of helping people see the truth, but they are very effective in terms of giving back something to those who are leaving and on their way out. They are very effective in giving us a community that we can't find anywhere else. They are very effective in helping people recover from serious and life-altering traumas.

  • Vidiot

    "Anti"-JW sites?

    Probably not too much.

    X-JW sites (like this one)?

    Very effective, I suspect.

  • minimus

    Ray Franz absolutely convinced me that the Organization was bogus. I had read his books as an elder and remained as an elder for a while thereafter. I believe that perhaps we could change the organization from being hard-nosed to taking a softer approach. I thought as an elder I could contribute to that idea. I was wrong. The watchtower society always wanted elders to be mercy less and Judgmental

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The WT just told us to get all our news from their site. If you look there is little news, and nothing about any of the scandals. So, since they said there were others, the logical thing is to look. Hence, Reddit's increase.

    I have heard witnesses tell people to look LOL

  • Finkelstein

    That's because the WTS operates under a guise of supporting informational propaganda structured to support "their " organization, not necessarily to expose all of the facts and truths in spite of what the WTS. says.

    Loyalty to the organization is strongly enforced pushed and indoctrinated to its followers

    Why ?

    Because its Jah's solemnly chosen earthly arrangement/organization dont you know ?

  • new boy
    new boy

    I never looked up anything on the internet for or against the JWs before I left their organization.

    On the other hand the information here has been invaluable! In fact the book I have been writing could never had happened with out the wealth of information that was been found here. Plus, I have been able to make many wonderful connections with people here. Their wonderful stories and experiences have been a real source of encouragement!

    This is the only site I'm on.

    I can't thank Simon enough. Well will never know how many lives ( both physically and mentally) this site has saved!

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