Poop 💩 Patrol Map in San Francisco To Help People Avoid Poop On The Streets

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  • WTWizard

    Why not actually enforce immigration laws that already exist? "Illegal alien" is now an offensive term--despite that they all made a choice when they could have entered legally. And we have to take them all, and favor them instead of our own--it's the law. (And no, the United Tyranny of Stupidity is not alone in this--all of Europe, Canada, and Australia also have these laws.)

    That might put a dent in this problem. In order to legally move into a country, one should learn the language. You want to move into California? And yet you insist on speaking nothing but Spanish, not even trying to learn English? And you want your children speaking Spanish? No wonder one can learn written Spanish just working at or around a grocery store. Just reading some of the labels is enough to be able to recognize Spanish words in writing to A1 level--and that is not even near the Mexican border. Cinco de Mayo? Suppose I call it Fünften Mai? It is the same day--the 5th of May--why is it a national holiday outside Mexico?

    And the drugs. How much filth do we have because people are too stupid to clean up--and most of the culprits regularly use alcohol to excess or recreational drugs. I understand recreational weed is now legal in California (and several other states). More drugs, more problems. They need to reinstate laws against recreational drugs, and confiscate and destroy the drugs. Less drugs on the street means less stupid, and perhaps more respect for the area. Quality of place improves, and so does quality of life (when one doesn't have to deal with piles of filth of any kind, both improve).

    And while we are at removing recreational drugs from the street, why not try nutritional measures? Something like 90% of us don't get the 400 mg of magnesium that is officially recommended, and most of us are hard pressed to get enough boron or iodine. Yet, fluoride is in your tap water (I do not believe the lie that they reduced it to 0.7 ppm--it is still 1.2 ppm, and will always be 1.2 ppm). That has to go--the optimal level of fluoride in your diet is zero. For cavities (and that includes those in the brain as well as in the teeth), 1.2 ppm of boron would be far better. We also need drastically less MSG and zero aspartame in our food (neotame, also).

    Most important, those who are here illegally need to be deported. They could have chosen to come legally, yet they chose not to. The street messes are the least of our problems when they start driving wages and working conditions down, rents up, and crime (such as burglary and vandalism, and robbery and violence) up. And, the message that "If you come here illegally, you WILL be deported and banned from this country" needs to be spread to those trying to enter illegally. No excuses, no sob stories. You can come here legally if you wish to, but no sob story or excuse for subverting the country.

  • smiddy3

    Geeeez I thought you were talking about a dog problem holy shit I cant get my head around this .

    We were in SFC in 2011 I`m glad I never knew about this then ,it would have freaked me out.

  • WingCommander

    Every city controlled by the Libtard DUMBocrats is an absolute SHITHOLE.





    San Francisco

    Minneapolis was just named the terrorist recruiting capital of the USA, due to the large number of SOMALI GANGS now roving the streets. This is the same district that elected that treasonous POS Omar to represent them. (Some people did some things on 9/11)

    They have run these cities into the ground. Some (like Detroit) look worse than some 3rd world shitholes I have been in. If we don't get over this politically correct socialist BULLSHIT here in America, we are DONE as a Republic. We are now on the downslide......we are the next Rome. Our infrastructure is literally CRUMBLING in front of us (road, bridges, etc) and instead of pouring money into that, DUMBocrats want to give more "free handouts" to all of the illegals streaming into here that don't even pay taxes? Yep, we are the next Rome. I am going to be 40 this year. I'm already planning my retirement to coincide with my moving to Canada, where I will become a citizen and live up further north where it's colder and where the illegals won't want to live.

  • minimus

    Nyc is also known to have its fecal squatters . It’s a shame to see vibrant cities turn into cesspools of filth and disgusting germs.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    Its still expensive as heck to live there.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    It's sad to come on a site supposedly dedicated to exJW discussion and see this vapid tripe as the most active thread.

  • ShirleyW
    Nyc is also known to have its fecal squatters

    From what I'm reading about SF, I don't think we have here near as bad as they do, That's a shame, I love San Francisco, my second fave city, haven't been there in a while but what I' m reading about it wouldn't stop me.

  • minimus

    One gen, I hope you get over your sadness

  • minimus

    Shirley, I’ve never been there but I always liked the program the streets of San Francisco

  • DesirousOfChange

    I always believe we should take care of our own first. ~ Minimus

    If you're a Democratic political candidate, those ARE YOUR OWN (voters). Often they are each TWO VOTES.

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