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  • waton
    Have a natural burial where you help the soil. It's also much cheaper

    Ds: I am campaigning too for natural burials. Not an easy task with money to be made from the grieving, by the ghouls. Cremation? polluting the atmosphere, by burning more carbons to release ours. Donation to science,learning would be a benefit before disposal. usually burning.

    RIP means to me being laid to rest. In the peace court. How about an upright burial?

  • Diogenesister
    Eaton RIP means to me being laid to rest. In the peace court. How about an upright burial?

    Sounds good to me

  • blondie

    Upright burial takes up less space. In some cemeteries today and in the past became so crowded, that people were buried in layers and some were dug up and discarded to make room for new dead. I saw a program that explained why the catacombs in Paris with many skulls carefully stored. It seems it was to make room for a housing development in the 19th? century. Yes, cemeteries were crowded even then, mostly in urban areas.

    Cremation is what I prefer, less space and cheaper. Now green burials do not appeal to me. Some people donate their bodies to "body farms."

  • smiddy3

    I `ll have to get back to this subject later , before I die that is , much food for thought .

    Thank you all

  • Onager

    My body is poo-poo so nothing worth passing on. Cremation for me and a quick yougoogly from a surviving family member at the crematorium. I have stipulated in my will that I want the High score music from Monty on the Run to play as my coffin goes through the curtain...

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