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  • Theonlyoneleft

    So I have a question about a not so spoken subject. So if you feel inappropriate please feel free to ignore me! 😊

    Has anyone given a thought about what they would like for their funeral one day?

    I mean, if you are no longer a Jehovah witness (KH ceremony) what would be your choice of ceremony? Who would be your speaker choice?

    I only ask because when my mum passed away... even though she wasn’t a JW she did get a witness inspired funeral by my jws family (she would’ve be proud as my brother did the speech ) BUT not as happy with a clean cut funeral service .

    I would never would like this to happen to me, So I’m gathering ideas WAAYYY ahead of time(I hope 🙂)!

  • carla

    Scatter me in my favorite places, have a party. Not a jw, never been but that is what I want. Remember me in fondness and love, I hope. Oh, maybe someone can make a note for me at the party- Gone home, see when you get there, love mom

    For you non believers just ignore, I will be dead, it won't matter what anyone believes at that point.

  • waton

    Had a discussion off kh setting with an elder today and mentioned that burning your body, was an act "jehovah" inflicted and promised in Peter to his enemies. ( Abraham's bundle of kindling notwithstanding). Jesus was buried, Jewish people objected to have a burning facility, crematorium near their cemetery. I decried the lack of green burial sites.

    Would only consent to a kh hall talk if I could write the non-doctrinal script, already have a short list of speakers, but probably will end up with an at home and grave sit ceremony, celebration of life.

  • cofty

    I heard of a way of doing funerals that appeals to me. The undertaker takes care of the cremation privately and returns the ashes asap. Then family and friends get together and do their own thing with nobody presiding over any ceremony of sermons. Just go to a favourite place to scatter the ashes and have some food and drink and remember.

  • FedUpJW

    Immediate cremation. No funeral, no memorial service.

  • BluesBrother

    I really don't care what the family does. I won't be able to know, will I?

    I always say that funerals are for the benefit of the living, not the dead. They can say what they like over my bones.....if it makes them feel better.

  • smiddy3

    I can relate to both cofty and F.U.JW`s sentiments on this subject .However it would be a nice thought if the few people and family I associate with now got together and had a few drinks on me .

    Definitely no religious service,I`m just happy knowing that if they can find any useful organs to use to help some poor unfortunate then at least I have achieved something worthwhile in my life.

    Not that I`ll ever know mind you .....or will I ?

  • Theonlyoneleft

    Thank you for all of your comments, is good to see things in a different perspective 🙂.

    smiddy3 I really like the idea of passing on bits of me to help others in need...after all life is precious... I’m sure I won’t need my organs anymore.

    I have also thought give myself away for scientific purposes?! 🤓

    but if so no organ donations will be allowed....then whom ever can go down the pub, have a pint and celebrate my life. Sorted.

  • blondie

    I have put my wishes for my funeral or lack thereof in my will. The only person who matters is my husband who I have told what I want. I know he can do whatever he wants, but he agrees with me as well. I just don't want him to waste money on burying a corpse. If I should be alive in some other realm (haha), he doesn't have to worry either.

    But---what if you don't die but are in a coma or unable to communicate your healthcare wishes, and your closest loved one has no idea what your end of life wishes are and that puts unneeded stress on them? Then be sure you have a HC-POA in place naming them as your advocate and make sure they know that and give them a copy and discuss it with them.

    I want a cremation, no one there but my husband and anyone he wants there as support. Then have a party and spread my ashes in my favorite spot.

  • peacefulpete

    I was a grave digger for a number of years,,dug around 1200 graves by hand. It does give perspective. I've been mentally collecting songs I like and guess I'd like them to play them while they play volleyball and grill out.

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