Woman crushed in rush at DVD sale

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  • dottie
    Paramedics called to the store found VanLester unconscious on top of a DVD player

    I don't usually laugh too loudly at someone's misfortune but this line had me laughing my ass off. I also picture her being unconscious and someone goes by realizing that she had the last DVD player and they grab it from under her limp body...sorry...I'm a bit of a cynical smartass sometimes

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    yes, and the message of this story is:

    NEVER shop at Walmart

  • Yerusalyim

    I heard on the news this morning that Wal-Mart is re-looking this whole issue. Apparently the gal is a former Wal-Mart employee who has filed some 17 different injury cases against employers...including Wal-Mart...10 separate times.


    (CBS/AP) It was the fall heard round the world, but now there's word that a Florida woman who was trampled in a rush for bargain DVD players has a dubious history, reports CBS News Correspondent Peter King.

    Linda Ellzey watched last Friday as her sister, Patricia VanLester, was trampled by other shoppers at a Wal-Mart in Orange City.

    "She got pushed down, and they walked over her like a herd of elephants," Ellzey said. "I told them, 'Stop stepping on my sister! She's on the ground!'"

    The incident received worldwide publicity, but it turns out that VanLester is a former Wal-Mart worker who's filed 16 injury claims against her former employer and other businesses.

    An investigation by CBS television affiliate WKMG in Orlando revealed that VanLester had received thousands of dollars in settlements and workman's compensation since 1987.

    WKMG's investigation was based on interviews with Wal-Mart officials and a review of court files and state records. WKMG reported that VanLester's sister, Linda Ellzey, had also filed a previous injury claim against Wal-Mart, using VanLester as a witness.

    VanLester, 41, was first in line to grab a $29 DVD player at 6 a.m. Nov. 28 when she was knocked to the ground by a frenzy of shoppers. She spent the weekend in the hospital, and her sister, Linda Ellzey, said she suffered a seizure and other injuries caused by the stampede of shoppers.

    “We're going to investigate this claim as thoroughly as we have investigated the other 10 claims that this woman and her sister have brought against us in the past,” said Wal-Mart spokesman Dan Fogleman.

    Fogleman said he had no details about the past settlements between VanLester and Wal-Mart. A woman who answered the phone at VanLester's house Thursday night declined comment.

    VanLester's attorney, David L. Sweat, told the television station his client has not filed a formal injury claim against Wal-Mart regarding last week's incident.

    VanLester's history of previous claims date back to at least 1987, when she won an undisclosed cash settlement after allegedly slipping and falling at a Volusia County bowling alley.

    She also collected more than $1,800 in worker's compensation claims for slip-and-fall incidents at a Publix supermarket and another Wal-Mart store in 1995 and 1996, respectively.

    She claimed that she slipped on a puddle of hand lotion in 1991 while shopping at an Orange City Walgreen's pharmacy, causing “permanent injury, disability, disfigurement (and) mental anguish.” The case was thrown out after a 10-minute court hearing.
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  • simplesally

    Not only is she a regular customer at Wal-Mart, but it sounds like she's a regular customer to this attorney! Hmmmm slip and fall "accidents" or is she just a clutz?

  • patio34

    Thanks Yeru for that update about this claim-happy woman and her sister too.

    I for one, would rather go without than shop at Walmart because of its notorious practices of using practically slave labor in poor countries, slave wages in the USA, discriminatory practices against women, and for helping their employees file for welfare benefits because their wages are so low.


  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    My husband says that going out to shop at 5 AM on the day after Thanksgiving is female equivalent of the running of the bulls in Spain.

    For the first time in my life, I actually went out that morning (and only because it was a good deal and was going to save me 34.99. So there I was at 5:05 AM at Toys R Us being told by a 17 year old to "get back behind the red line!" while clutching my Gameboy Advance Bundle pack and credit card. It was a madhouse, but since I was already up, I hit a few more stores, got my oil changed, went to the grocery store, and was home by 8:30 AM having accomplished more in a few hours than I've accomplished on entire Saturday afternoons.

  • Eyebrow2

    This is one of the reasons I am trying to convince my husband to do all the xmas shopping 2 to 3 days after xmas...there are still some crowds, but the prices are better and not so much the rush.

    Hey...if the kids get a few extra toys for half the price who cares if it is a few days later?

    (yes, this definately proves I am cheap)

  • smurfy


    Sounds like she needs some "assistance" LOL

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    My husband says that going out to shop at 5 AM on the day after Thanksgiving is female equivalent of the running of the bulls in Spain.

    LMAO..... (too, too funny.... and oh, sooooo true)

  • Special K
    Special K

    thanks Yeru ..

    for finding that update on this woman.

    I was following the story about her since her "tramp-a-lation" experience..

    But also then read the follow up in the paper about her insurance scamming..of companies and also scamming workers compensation.

    I do think that this time.. things got out of hand for her and she got more injuries than she figured on.

    Here in Nova scotia.. a box store had a Xmas sale last year and it was the big mad rush pushing and shoving thing. It was CRAZY!!

    This year they did it differently. They only let 20 people into the store at a time and as 20 people left the store then 20 more people were let in. I'll admit the outside line up was way long but there wasn't that rush and pushing inside the store, nor did numbers of shoppers in the store exceed the Fire Code Limits.

    ho ho


    Special K

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