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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I'm waiting to see if it makes a difference in attendance and zoom pictures being on.

    It is always fun to read the part for elders eyes only.

  • wozza

    Last night out for a drive ,I noticed the kingdom hall lights on and people moving around inside the hall and preparing for a meeting.

    Along time since I have seen anyone there, and many years since I have attended that hall that I help build with my own hands. Certainly got me thinking how they are managing their lives now the governing body says they are allowed back in.

    So much has changed in the world since I became a JW in the early eightees ,but also so much has changed with the teachings of the governing body in that time ,even the vow made at baptism to follow the org .

    The beauty of time is that one can reflect back on how man made the org is ,if the bible is read there appears a huge gulf between how the governing body has been changing almost the whole scene of the JW's in those decades compared to the principles that supposedly set out by the bible writers and even Jesus.

    One has to wonder that if technology ,which has been condemned as satanic , had not evolved and the pandemic had come ,what would they have done about the preaching and meeting attendance if the likes of zoom had not existed?

    Does'nt it seem that the governing body has just responded to Covid and other things ,like the child abuse cases ,just as humans would without being divinely lead? They had to make decisions based on the rules they had developed over decades from their inception?

    The consequeces for the governing body of their mistakes are hidden from their eyes just like the people who follow them are foreign to them, they don't have to face people at all do they? For instance what about when they said organ transplants are not for god's people, and many died as a result, but now it's ok, they don't have to come face to face to the people who have suffered for following them do they?

    But now I look into the hall of fools, like I was ,and wonder how many indeed will never return and how the governing body will respond to what they have created in response to Covid. To me this only shows the governing body has always been ,along with all it's leaders, just man made asking for reverence that their Jesus is supposedly due.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Midweek meeting. 10 to 15 fewer on zoom, 4 of about 40 had picture on. Even fewer than week before. The ones who were not on so probable showed in person were the ones you could guess; seemingly well, and "spiritual ".

    Waiting for the talk.

  • Smiles

    and many JW congregations are still experiencing illness outbreaks, but they are not broadcasting the sick little fact... because "the GB is convinced Jehovah has been blessing this arrangement"

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