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  • Jerryh
  • Jerryh
  • WTWizard

    And never mind whether or not the religion itself is the pandemic. They start hassling me to go back to their boasting sessions and in field circus, of course with a mandatory diabetes/heart attack/stroke shot for the wimpiest disease on the planet. (And the masks.) Then it's time to start me pious-sneering (of course, with me not attending those abominations for so long, they will take away my freedom to not go at all). They will, of course, use my baptism as a legally binding contract--as they see me as being too valuable for joke-hova to use to enslave the whole planet to lose just because of my worshiping the sun or posting apostate posts.

    And, once back in under tight supervision, it's time to go to my mandatory Africa mission. Where--well, that is up to them. And refusing is not an option--because of that contract that was "signed" by my getting baptized under the watchful eyes of the hounders that were present. Better make sure I get more proficient in French, because half the countries they send people to are French speaking.

    And never mind getting the wimpiest disease on the planet. Just going back to boasting sessions and field circus exposes you to strains of the flu that are worse, plus hepatitis B, tuberculosis, and who knows what else. And going to Africa on missionary work exposes you to yellow fever, malaria, sleeping sickness, and so many parasites that could be dangerous. Plus HIV is widespread there, and just about everyone there has (or potentially has) tuberculosis or something else that could infect me and make me suffer excessively (more publicity for the washtowel).

    No, it doesn't stop at just attending in-person boasting sessions (with those vaccinations that only make the above infections even worse than they already are). I wonder how many of them can understand German. They had better--I intend to respond in German to anyone that tries roping me into getting all this filth on my soul, plus spreading it to the whole world.

  • smiddy3

    Any chance that they will do away with Zoom meetings in the hope that they will force people to go back to meetings in person ?

    Or otherwise make restrictions and set guidelines as to who only can attend zoom ?

    Disinfect every arm rest, ignore the seat back used for balance when standing

    lol. So true

  • NonCoinCollector
    Or otherwise make restrictions and set guidelines as to who only can attend zoom?

    If they do this, I predict there will be many that become irregular in attendance.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I suspect that the real facts are that the GB Heavies (pun intended) are aware that Zoom meetings have made it possible for "faders" to gradually fade. No one is really able to take that attendance count of their "service group" and see who is constantly AWOL.

    IF you don't start showing up in person, you will be on their radar.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I recently got a call from an elder...two of them wanting to do a Shepherding Call no doubt due to my lack of in-person meeting attendance. "Let's just do your Shephering Call on the phone while we're talking" was my reply. I can tell he wasn't pleased with that. After a long pause he asks: "How are you doing"? I told him in no uncertain terms that I was happy and doing really great! Then suddenly he had to go..."Good-Bye"!

  • Smiles

    Well done. That is an effective tactic to disable the JW elder playbook... do not let them mobilise on you!

  • HiddlesWife

    Since the cultcorporation is EXTREMELY PARANOID, it seems as if they don't TRUST anyone on ZOOM any longer. Furthermore, donations are probably low, so they want the R&F (every one of them) to give, give, give while they take, take, take--as usual!

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