Going To A Christening Next Week

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  • pale.emperor

    So my girlfriends, friend has invited me to her little boy's christening. 6 months ago if you'd asked me this I'd have recoiled in horror. ME?!! In a CATHOLIC CHURCH?!!! Baptizing a baby?!!!

    But since I've left and stopped reading the mags/books and the bible and stopped praying to the invisible catholic mistranslation in the sky i have no problem attending. This morning my gf and i were laughing because i dont know what goes on. She told me the priest is gay and his boyfriend left his wife so that they could live together. That we'll all sing a hymn but no one actually knows the words so we'll all be miming (just like my old KH then). Afterward the priest may shake hands with you walking out of the church.

    I've never been inside a church. Or experienced another religion's service. This'll be fun.

  • Onager

    Good on you P.E.!

    I've not been to a Catholic event, but I have been to a High Anglican wedding. It's interesting to observe but, of course, the main benefit is being a part of your social group and not an outsider. That's what being a JW always denied you, being part of society.

  • Divergent

    JW's like to make fun of Catholics for practicing infant baptism. But here's the thing - those infants WON'T be shunned if they choose to leave the church in future! They will be able to leave WITHOUT repercussions and live their life the way they want to, free from man-made religious rules and the threat of disfellowshipping hanging over their heads. So at the end of the day, Catholics - 1, JW's - 0

  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW and even giving up on Religion I still enjoy going to churches especially some of the older ones. When the "Elder" and I would get together and we would go for long walks through old towns I would point out the churches. The first time this happened he started to give me his belief lecture and I replied look then don't look at as a church look at it as much lost ART because we sure do not have craftsmen building architecture anything like these buildings today. Even though I have given up on Religion I still enjoy seeing the inside architecture of the church and totally love listening to a wonderful choir. And there are those rare occasions I happen on a dynamic minister.

  • Diogenesister

    Ahhh....Remember to "wet the baby's head" for me! That's an old tradition you might approve of! It involves those old enough to imbibe to drink a toast ( or three) to the future health of the baby. Enjoy the day...as Astronomer Royal Martin Rees says about church " I do it for the tribe". It's a lovely welcome to a New life, I always think what will this little one see that I could never have dreamed of.

    Rebelfighter I love to attend church purely to listen to the choir at Kings College.

  • rebelfighter


    I agree I miss the church choirs. My church had a very large choir and a huge pipe organ. Music was a very large part of their program.

    I travel a lot by car up and down the east coast and for awhile my daughter made these trips with me. Her statement to me upon departure I have my music I can only take so much of "Yours." I probably have the best collection of Gospel music on CDs at least 15 hours.

  • blondie

    I grew up with a non-jw father so I went to weddings, funerals, christenings, of his non-jw friends all the time. But I understand how the WTS and its members have demonized these events for jws.

    No fear of what jws would say for a long time.

    The WTS spends all its time straining out the gnat and gulping down the camel.

    Good for you.

  • millie210

    Happy for you PE!

    You are exploring other cultures and ways of marking important life events and you are open minded with a sense of humor and adventure.

    Really great to read this thread and I hope you will come back and post your impressions. I would love to hear them.

  • Worldling9

    We went to visit our son in Europe and the old cathedrals there are amazing. We don't know 'old' here in the states. Though I will never belong to any religion, I do find Catholic ritual comforting in a way. The choirs are wonderful as well.

  • redpilltwice

    pale.emperor, what an experience for someone who has never been inside a church! Fun it'll be!

    I've always been a lame Catholic before my 20 year JW period. During my fade I visited a catholic church twice, mostly because of my mother-in-law who needed a driver. I tell you, it felt refreshing to hear nothing about doom, the last days, the big A etc. All nice, almost entirely elderly people. The benefit for the CC is that they don't do (modern day) prophecies. No prophecy = no false prophecy. Simple as that. There were a few bibleverses from Isaiah and the gospel and some pleasant social reflections. The atmosphere was sincere and humble, no big crosses or excessive luxury and even room for coffee and chats after the mass. It reminded me of some cosy field service meetings in the KH on sundays, but without field service lol.

    If it wasn't for the Holy Mary crap, the vatican and the special position of saints and martyrs, I would consider something like a monthly visit, but I must be honest to myself and the reasons why I left JW.

    Of course, I still can use my mother-in-law as an excuse now and then.

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